Topics Discussed: Livewired, Hardware vs software, Brain-computer interfaces, 2020 is a challenge for neuroplasticity, Free will, Nature of evil, Psychiatry, GPT-3, Intelligence in the brain, Neosensory, Book recommendations, Meaning of life, Advice for young people.

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David Eagleman

David Eagleman is an American neuroscientist, author, and science communicator. He teaches neuroscience at Stanford University and is CEO and co-founder of Neosensory, a company that develops devices for sensory substitution. He also directs the non-profit Center for Science and Law, which seeks to align the legal system with modern neuroscience and is Chief Science Officer and co-founder of BrainCheck, a digital cognitive health platform used in medical practices and health systems He is known for his work on brain plasticity, time perception, synesthesia, and neurolaw.

Books Mentioned in this Podcast with David Eagleman: