Have you ever wondered about the relationship between podcasters Lex Fridman and Joe Rogan? These two famous public figures have a lot of fans and followers – but how did they meet? How did they become friends?

Both operating in the podcast world, Rogan and Fridman know each other well, and have developed a strong relationship. They often collaborate on podcasts together. Fridman has talked about how he admires the way that Rogan celebrates other people, and Rogan once gifted Fridman his own watch during a joint podcast.

We’re going to use this article to understand more about how Lex Fridman and Joe Rogan became friends, and how their relationship has evolved.

Lex Fridman and Joe Rogan

How Did Joe Rogan And Lex Fridman Meet?

Lex Fridman has appeared on Rogan’s podcast repeatedly, and it appears that the two men have grown close, to the point that they collaborate relatively often in their work.

Both of them run podcasts and have become well-known in this world, although Rogan is decidedly more famous. Fridman started his show in 2018, and rebranded it to the Lex Fridman Podcast, apparently on advice from Rogan.

It isn’t clear exactly when Fridman met Rogan, but he appeared on The Joe Rogan Experience for the first time in October 2018, in episode #1188. In the almost 3 hour episode, the two share a good amount of banter, and Rogan asks Fridman about his career in Artificial Intelligence.

The show covers a wide range of AI topics and unpicks some of the more challenging concepts for the listeners, touching on the future of AI and its current capacities. Rogan and Fridman also explore the disconnection between the podcast format and the audience. They unpick how those challenges can be overcome.

Furthermore, they discuss how VR compares with real life, and whether a person might choose to live in VR if they were able to. They raise questions about how we can know what’s real and what isn’t real, and Fridman asks Rogan whether he would choose to live in VR if he could.

The two have made a lot of content together since then, with Fridman appearing on Rogan’s show in May 2019, February 2020, April 2020, and September 2020. Rogan has also made appearances on The Lex Fridman Podcast, but Fridman is more commonly the invited speaker.

Fridman has made statements that tell us he was a fan of Rogan long before he appeared as a guest on the podcast. He claims to have listened to the podcast since it started in 2003. That’s 15 years of listening before he became a guest!

joe rogan and lex fridman

Are Lex Fridman And Joe Rogan Friends?

It’s always challenging to make statements about the friendship of celebrities, but it seems very likely that Fridman and Rogan would count each other as friends. Fridman has made multiple complimentary statements about Rogan. He says that he is inspired by him, and that Rogan makes him want to be a better and kinder person.

Notably, Joe Rogan gifted his watch to Fridman in January 2021, in episode #1600. Fridman has mentioned this gift and what it meant to him multiple times. When he hands it over on the show, Rogan states that it is his favorite watch and he wants Fridman to have it.

This alone expresses a certain level of friendship and warmth between the two, and Fridman is evidently very touched by the gesture. A year later, he tweeted about how important it was to him, and thanked Rogan again for his generosity.

The watch was an Omega Speedmaster Moonphase Co-Axial Master Chronometer watch, which is enormously suitable for somebody like Fridman. Rogan’s gift was undoubtedly a kind one, especially taking into account the price of such watches.

It’s also interesting to note that Fridman’s appearances on Rogan’s show dramatically increased in 2020. This indicates that the two enjoy their collaborations and are interested in talking more.

What Kinds Of Podcasts Have They Collaborated On?

The Joe Rogan Experience episodes that include Fridman all revolve around AI and autonomous vehicles, exploring the possibilities of developing technology. The two seem to enjoy discussing the challenges that science faces in the future.

There is a degree of banter enjoyed within the episodes too, which shows their growing comfort with each other. Rogan is playfully disparaging about Fridman’s watch when he gifts his own watch to him, calling it a “stupid f****ing frisbee.”

They clearly are very comfortable with each other by this stage, and it’s easy to see how the friendship has developed.

What Has Fridman Said About The Recent Controversy?

Rogan has been under fire lately for several different things. He’s been criticized for his stance on COVID-19. In addition, a compilation video of his repeated use of the n-word surfaced in 2022.

There are a lot of question marks over the controversy and it has provoked heated debate on all sides, but Fridman has remained a constant friend. He made a Twitter post stating that he stands with Rogan and insists that they should not be divided by the media and by politicians.

He also suggests that the accusations of racism are coming at a time when Spotify is being pressured to create censorship, and indicates that this is not a coincidence. Rogan’s 2020 deal with Spotify already required him to remove certain more controversial episodes from his back catalog.

Wherever you fall on the controversy, it is clear that Fridman continues to appreciate and admire Rogan. One of his Tweets in February 2022 specifically calls him a friend.

Our Conclusion

Lex Fridman and Joe Rogan enjoy a relationship that goes back several years. They have frequently made appearances on each other’s shows, demonstrating an excellent degree of respect for each other. Fridman evidently admires Rogan for many of his qualities. It seems likely that the two will continue to collaborate and communicate in the coming years.