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Cory Sandhagen, an electrifying force in the world of mixed martial arts (MMA), has quickly become a top contender in the UFC bantamweight division. With a remarkable record and an ever-evolving skill set, Sandhagen has solidified his position as a fan-favorite and a force to be reckoned with. Born and raised in Aurora, Colorado, Cory's journey into MMA began with a passion for martial arts, which ultimately led him to train in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, kickboxing, and wrestling. His unique blend of striking accuracy and grappling prowess has earned him impressive victories, including notable finishes against top-ranked fighters. As an unstoppable talent, Cory Sandhagen continues to captivate fans and make waves in the UFC, all while inspiring future generations of fighters. Stay updated on this rising star's career, and watch his relentless pursuit of UFC gold unfold.

Book Mentioned on The Joe Rogan Experience (JRE) MMA Show #138 – Cory Sandhagen & Joe Rogan

Book Title: Dune

Author: Frank Herbert

Exploring the Psychedelic Experience of Fighting: Cory Sandhagen’s Insight on The Joe Rogan Experience

Cory Sandhagen’s appearance on The Joe Rogan Experience MMA show #138 offered a deep dive into his fighting philosophy and experiences, particularly his bout against Chito Vera. Described as one of the most technical and fine performances in the 135-pound division, Sandhagen’s fight against Marlon was not just a physical battle but a psychological journey. His evolution as a martial artist has seen him move from a state of continuous learning to an almost out-of-body experience during fights. Sandhagen describes this feeling as being led by a “higher being” version of himself, focusing purely on the fight and allowing a better version of himself to take control.

The Psychedelic Fight Experience: Beyond Physicality

Sandhagen’s description of his fight as a psychedelic experience emphasizes the mental and emotional aspects of martial arts. He attributes his mindset during the fight to extensive reading and understanding of sports psychology, which allowed him to reach a state where distractions were minimized, and his focus was unparalleled. This state, where he felt like he was observing from above, helped him make strategic decisions in the ring without the usual clutter of thoughts and emotions.

Adapting Strategies: The Evolution of a Fighter

Over time, Sandhagen has shifted his approach from one of anger and war to mindfulness and presence. He candidly discusses the journey of self-discovery and adaptation, realizing the need to enjoy the process and reduce the immense pressure he placed on himself. This shift not only changed his mindset but also his performance, allowing him to fight more freely and effectively.

Sustainable Fighting: A Mature Approach to Martial Arts

As Sandhagen matures personally and professionally, his approach to fighting evolves. The focus has shifted from being constantly on edge to finding a sustainable way of fighting that allows for personal growth and happiness. He emphasizes the importance of enjoying every day and every part of the camp, which he believes was crucial in his less tense and more successful fight approach.

Training Techniques: Conditioning the Mind and Body

Sandhagen’s training regimen is as much about mental conditioning as it is about physical preparation. He emphasizes the importance of sparring days, where he pushes himself to the limit to ensure that his focus and decision-making abilities are sharp when it matters most. By training for longer rounds than he fights, Sandhagen ensures that his mind and body are more than prepared for the actual fight, allowing him to maintain focus and make quick decisions.

Conclusion: A New Era of Fighting

Cory Sandhagen’s insights into his fighting philosophy and approach provide a fascinating look into the world of mixed martial arts. His journey from an anger-driven fighter to a mindful and present martial artist highlights the importance of mental health and emotional balance in high-stakes sports. As he continues to evolve and adapt his training and mindset, Sandhagen represents a new era of fighters who are as focused on their mental and emotional well-being as they are on their physical prowess.

Understanding MMA Striking Techniques: Insights from Joe Rogan & Cory Sandhagen

In an intriguing episode of “The Joe Rogan Experience MMA Show #138,” Joe Rogan sits down with Cory Sandhagen to delve into the complexities and nuances of striking in mixed martial arts (MMA). The discussion centers around how fighters like Floyd Mayweather have mastered this art and what it takes for MMA athletes to excel in striking. This article offers a detailed analysis of their conversation, shedding light on the physical and mental aspects of striking in MMA.

The Natural Instinct and Challenges of Striking

Sandhagen opens up about his natural inclination towards striking, contrasting it with the proprioceptive demands of Jiu-Jitsu and wrestling. He highlights the unique challenges that grappling and wrestling present, likening learning these skills to learning a new language with an inevitable accent. This metaphor speaks to the intricate nuances and muscle memory developed over years of practice, which are critical in high-level combat sports.

The Role of Physicality in Striking

The conversation shifts to how physical attributes, particularly bulkiness, can impact a fighter’s striking ability. Rogan and Sandhagen discuss how bulky fighters often struggle with the fluidity and snap required in striking. They point out the stark contrast in movement styles between grappling and striking, noting that transitioning between the two can be particularly challenging for those not naturally inclined towards striking.

The Mastery of Floyd Mayweather

Floyd Mayweather’s name comes up as a benchmark for striking excellence. Sandhagen and Rogan marvel at Mayweather’s natural, almost instinctual, movement in the ring, honed from years of practice starting from a very young age. Mayweather’s ability to move and react seamlessly is highlighted as an aspirational standard for MMA fighters looking to improve their striking.

The Grind of MMA Training

The discussion also covers the relentless nature of MMA training and the mental and physical toll it takes on fighters. Sandhagen describes the intense pressure and the dedication required to stay at the top, emphasizing the need for continuous practice and the absence of shortcuts. This part of the conversation provides insight into the mindset and lifestyle of elite MMA athletes.

Learning from Experience: Sandhagen’s Fights

Reflecting on his fights, particularly against Yan and Song Yadong, Sandhagen shares his personal experiences of being rocked in the ring and the valuable lessons learned from these moments. He talks about the disorientation and physical compromise he experienced and how these challenging moments contributed to his growth as a fighter. These anecdotes serve as practical examples of how real in-ring experiences shape a fighter’s strategy and resilience.


Joe Rogan and Cory Sandhagen’s deep dive into the world of MMA striking offers a fascinating glimpse into the technical, physical, and psychological aspects of the sport. From discussing the natural aptitude for striking to the relentless grind of training and the personal growth that comes from challenging fights, this episode provides valuable insights for fighters and fans alike. It underscores the complexity of MMA and the dedication required to excel in this demanding sport. Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or an enthusiast looking to understand the finer points of striking, their conversation is a rich resource of knowledge and inspiration.