Tom Green on JRE 2108 Discusses Gratitude After Surviving Severe Burns

In an eye-opening episode of “The Joe Rogan Experience,” comedian and actor Tom Green shared a harrowing yet enlightening experience that significantly altered his perspective on life. Tom opened up about a traumatic incident involving third-degree burns, the intense recovery process, and the profound sense of gratitude that emerged from his ordeal.

Tom Green Burns Feet – A Vacation Turned Nightmare

Tom’s ordeal began innocuously on a vacation in Costa Rica, where what was supposed to be a relaxing beach bonfire turned into a life-threatening situation. Unbeknownst to him, the seemingly harmless act of throwing driftwood onto what he thought was a dwindling fire led to severe third-degree burns on his feet. This accident occurred because the fire had been buried in sand, masking the danger lurking beneath—a bed of hot coals.

Tom Green Foot Burn – The Road to Recovery

The aftermath of the accident was a grueling journey through pain, surgery, and the struggle to maintain hope. Tom spent two weeks in a Costa Rican hospital, undergoing multiple surgeries, including skin grafts, to save his feet. The care extended beyond physical treatment, touching on emotional and psychological support, particularly when dealing with the humbling aspects of recovery. Tom’s story highlighted the vulnerability and dependency experienced during such a critical time, showcasing the compassionate care from medical staff who helped him through his lowest moments.

Tom Green’s 3rd Degree Burns – A Newfound Appreciation for Life

Tom’s reflection on his experience goes beyond the physical scars and surgeries. He delved into the mental and emotional transformation that ensued, emphasizing a newfound appreciation for life’s fragility and the importance of gratitude. The incident taught him to value his well-being and to find joy in the simple fact of being alive and mobile, despite the challenges he faced.

The Power of Perspective

Tom’s conversation with Joe Rogan shed light on the psychological shift that often accompanies such life-altering experiences. He discussed how close encounters with mortality can pivot one’s focus from trivial daily annoyances to a broader appreciation for life itself. This change in perspective, according to Tom, is not just a personal revelation but a universally relatable insight into human resilience and the power of a positive outlook in the face of adversity.


Tom Green’s candid recount of his ordeal serves as a poignant reminder of the unpredictability of life and the strength inherent in the human spirit. His ability to find gratitude and a renewed sense of purpose amidst suffering is a powerful testament to the resilience we all possess. As viewers and listeners, we’re reminded to cherish every moment and embrace the lessons that come from our most challenging experiences.

Joe Rogan and Tom Green Discuss Canadian Politics and Pierre Poilievre’s Potential Impact

In a thought-provoking episode of “The Joe Rogan Experience,” comedian Tom Green delves into the political landscape of Canada, contrasting it with that of the United States. The discussion centers around Canadian politics, the controversial figure Pierre Poilievre, and the broader implications of political shifts in Canada.

The Appeal of Pierre Poilievre

Tom Green introduces Pierre Poilievre, a Canadian politician who has garnered attention for his common-sense approach and criticism of the current administration in Canada. Rogan and Green discuss Poilievre’s potential to bring about change in Canadian politics, highlighting his ability to articulate frustrations with the government’s actions.

Political Parallels Between Canada and the US

The conversation shifts to the similarities between Canadian and American politics, noting the dichotomy between liberals and conservatives in both nations. Green emphasizes the ongoing debates and divisions within Canada, akin to the polarized political climate in the United States. He speculates on the consequences of a conservative victory in Canada, especially in the context of the current liberal government.

Gun Control and Cultural Differences

A significant portion of the dialogue focuses on the recent handgun ban in Canada, illustrating the stark differences in gun culture between Canada and the US. Green shares his perspective on the rationale behind the ban and its reception among Canadians, providing insight into the nation’s more hunting-oriented firearm tradition.

Reflections on Freedom and Government Overreach

The episode takes a deeper dive into issues of freedom and government authority, drawing parallels between the trucker protests in Canada and the January 6th Capitol riot in the US. Green and Rogan discuss the implications of government actions on individual liberties, touching on the broader theme of how governments respond to dissent and unrest.

A Vision for Political Harmony?

Tom Green humorously suggests an alternative political system where power alternates between conservatives and liberals every four years, aiming to reduce continuous conflict. This leads to a broader discussion on the nature of political power, the role of entrenched government figures, and the quest for genuine leadership beyond political machinations.


Joe Rogan and Tom Green’s conversation provides a nuanced view of Canadian politics through the lens of personal experience and comparative analysis with the US. Their dialogue sheds light on the complexities of governance, the importance of political engagement, and the universal desire for effective, principled leadership in an increasingly polarized world.

Exploring the Bizarre Realm of Chimp-Human Hybrids with Joe Rogan and Tom Green

In a riveting discussion on “The Joe Rogan Experience,” Joe Rogan and Tom Green delve into the fascinating and somewhat unsettling topic of chimp-human hybrids, touching upon the boundaries of nature, hybrid animals, and the complex relationship humans share with animals.

Nature’s Boundaries: Chimp-Human Hybrids

The conversation begins with Rogan musing on nature’s inherent mechanisms to prevent interspecies breeding, highlighting how such barriers maintain order in the natural world. The duo contemplates the chaos that would ensue if humans could interbreed with other species, humorously imagining a world populated by bizarre human-animal hybrids.

The Curiosity of Ligers and Animal Hybrids

Green shifts the discussion to ligers (lion-tiger hybrids), noting their unusual growth patterns due to missing regulatory genes. This segue into hybrid animals underscores the delicate balance of genetics and the rare instances where nature allows two distinct species to interbreed, albeit with unpredictable outcomes.

The Ethical and Moral Quandaries

Rogan raises the possibility of a chimp-human hybrid, referencing conspiracy theories and rumored experiments that hint at humanity’s quest to blur the lines between species. The conversation takes a darker turn as they discuss the potential consequences and ethical dilemmas of such scientific endeavors, touching upon the inherent dangers and unpredictable nature of tampering with genetics.

Personal Encounters with Animal Intelligence and Strength

Green recounts his experiences with a chimpanzee on his TV show and a macaw named Rex, offering personal anecdotes that highlight the unpredictable and sometimes dangerous nature of close human-animal interactions. These stories serve as a poignant reminder of the respect and caution required when dealing with animals, especially those with significant physical strength or intelligence.

The Human-Animal Connection

The dialogue concludes with a broader reflection on the relationship between humans and animals. Green’s stories of his mule and donkey illustrate the deep bonds that can form, as well as the responsibilities and challenges that come with caring for such intelligent creatures. The discussion emphasizes the importance of understanding and respecting the natural world, including the animals with which we share our planet.


Joe Rogan and Tom Green’s exploration of chimp-human hybrids and animal intelligence opens a window into the complex interplay between nature, science, and ethics. Their conversation serves as a thought-provoking reminder of humanity’s place in the natural order and the profound implications of our interactions with other species.

The Unforgettable Norm Macdonald: A Comedy Legend Remembered by Joe Rogan and Tom Green

In a poignant episode of “The Joe Rogan Experience,” Joe Rogan and comedian Tom Green reminisce about the legendary Norm Macdonald, exploring his unique approach to comedy, his impact on the comedy scene, and personal anecdotes that underscore his genius and influence.

Early Days and Comedy Beginnings

Tom Green recounts his early days dabbling in stand-up comedy at Yuck Yucks in Ottawa, where he first encountered Norm Macdonald. Norm, even at a young age, stood out with his distinctive style of comedy that veered from the conventional path, offering a fresh, absurd twist on stand-up that captivated audiences, including a young Green.

Norm Macdonald’s Unique Comedy Style

Green and Rogan delve into the essence of Norm’s comedy, highlighting how his approach was a departure from the norm (no pun intended), bringing an element of absurdity and a unique perspective that made him a standout figure in the comedy world. His ability to turn every conversation into a hilarious encounter is fondly remembered, showcasing his natural comedic talent.

Personal Encounters and Lasting Memories

Rogan shares personal anecdotes of unexpectedly meeting Norm on flights, illustrating Macdonald’s humorous nature and his impulsive personality, especially highlighted by a story about Norm quitting smoking. These stories paint a picture of a man who was not just a comedian on stage but also a genuinely funny and intriguing person in everyday life.

The Impact of Norm Macdonald

The discussion touches on Norm’s journey from the comedy clubs of Canada to the international stage, his time on “Saturday Night Live,” and his various other ventures in the entertainment industry. Green reflects on how Norm’s success gave hope to aspiring comedians in Ottawa, demonstrating that it was possible to make it big in the comedy world.

Remembering a Legend

The conversation concludes with a reflection on Norm’s untimely departure and his lasting legacy in the comedy world. His influence on comedians and fans alike remains strong, with his unique style and persona leaving an indelible mark on the industry.


Joe Rogan and Tom Green’s tribute to Norm Macdonald offers a heartfelt look at a comedy icon who reshaped the landscape of stand-up with his distinctive voice and perspective. Through their memories and stories, they celebrate the life of a comedian who was not only a genius in his craft but also a genuinely captivating character in the tapestry of comedy history.

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