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Mariana van Zeller

Mariana van Zeller is an accomplished journalist and documentarian whose work has illuminated the world's most pressing issues. With a career spanning over two decades, she has earned a reputation for her fearless pursuit of truth and unflinching storytelling. Born in Portugal, Mariana's global perspective is deeply rooted in her international upbringing. Van Zeller's reporting has taken her to some of the most dangerous and remote corners of the world, shedding light on issues like drug trafficking, human trafficking, terrorism, and more. Her groundbreaking investigative series, "Traffic," brought viewers face to face with the underbelly of criminal enterprises, garnering critical acclaim and multiple awards. Mariana's commitment to in-depth journalism has earned her respect within the industry and among audiences worldwide. Her work continues to inspire change and encourage understanding, making her a vital voice in the field of investigative journalism.

The Joe Rogan Experience (JRE) 2092: Mariana van Zeller’s Harrowing Experience in Niger Amidst a Military Coup

In a gripping episode of The Joe Rogan Experience, #2092, renowned journalist Mariana van Zeller recounts her intense experience of being trapped in Niger during a military coup. This episode offers a rare glimpse into the dangers faced by journalists in conflict zones and provides an insightful perspective on global political dynamics.

Stuck in a Dangerous Situation

Van Zeller’s journey began in Agadez, Niger, located at the southern border of the Sahara Desert, where she and her team were covering a story about gold mining. Agadez, a region notorious for its dangers, including terrorism, ISIS, Al-Qaeda, Boko Haram, and kidnappings, necessitated a military convoy for protection. This setting forms the backdrop of their harrowing tale.

As they were documenting the gold mines, news broke of a military coup in Niger. The president had been deposed, and all land borders and airspace were closed, leaving van Zeller and her team stranded without any means of escape. This development transformed their journalistic venture into a fight for survival.

The Coup and Its Aftermath

The coup occurred unexpectedly, and the team was informed about the precarious situation only upon their return to Agadez. The deposed president was held captive in the presidential palace, and the team was about to lose their military protection. With no available road travel without security and no flights, they were effectively trapped.

Van Zeller, who has extensive experience in covering black markets and conflict zones, described these eight days as the most uncomfortable and frightening of her career. The threat of invasion by West African states and the involvement of the Russian mercenary group, the Wagner group, added to the tension, creating a precarious balance of power between the United States and Russia.

The Struggle for Evacuation

In a desperate bid for safety, van Zeller and her team sought refuge at a nearby American military base. However, the U.S. government was hesitant to intervene directly, as acknowledging the coup would necessitate a withdrawal of military aid from Niger. This diplomatic dilemma left van Zeller and her team in a vulnerable position.

As the situation deteriorated, other countries began evacuating their nationals, but van Zeller’s team remained stuck. Ultimately, they decided to take matters into their own hands. They contacted an evacuation company willing to fly a plane in the middle of the night to rescue them.

The Escape

The team’s escape was fraught with challenges, including navigating through military roadblocks and bureaucratic hurdles at the airport. In a cinematic turn of events, van Zeller communicated secretly in Portuguese with the pilot, who decided to risk helping them. Amidst the chaos, a heartwarming moment occurred when a local man, whom van Zeller had befriended, wished her son a happy birthday, showcasing a beautiful moment of humanity amidst the turmoil.


Mariana van Zeller’s experience in Niger is a testament to the unpredictable and often perilous nature of journalism in conflict zones. Her story sheds light on the complexities of international politics and the human spirit’s resilience in the face of adversity. This episode of The Joe Rogan Experience not only provides thrilling storytelling but also offers valuable insights into the challenges faced by journalists worldwide.

The Joe Rogan Experience JRE 2092: Mariana van Zeller’s Dangerous Interview with an Assassin

In an episode of “The Joe Rogan Experience,” host Joe Rogan delves into a chilling discussion with journalist Mariana van Zeller. She shares her harrowing experience interviewing a self-proclaimed assassin, shedding light on the dark and dangerous underbelly of criminal activities in the United States and South Africa. This article captures the essence of their conversation, offering insights into the life of an assassin and the perilous nature of investigating such individuals.

Encounter with an Assassin in Los Angeles

Van Zeller recounts her initial contact with an assassin just 15 minutes from her house in Los Angeles. Her contact, familiar with black markets, connected her with the assassin, known for his unpredictable and potentially bipolar behavior. During their meeting, the assassin immediately displayed a threatening demeanor, brandishing a gun and warning them of dire consequences if their encounter was a setup. This intense interaction highlights the assassin’s paranoid mindset and the extreme danger associated with interviewing such individuals.

The Assassin’s Profile and Operations

The assassin, based in Los Angeles, operates across the United States. His fees for contract killings are significant, as he was once offered $80,000 for a hit. Van Zeller’s questioning revealed his selective morality; he claimed not to harm women or children. However, his reaction to personal questions about his family and the impact of his actions on others’ families was hostile, further illustrating his complex and conflicted psyche.

Insights into the Assassin’s Background

The assassin’s background was marked by a tough upbringing, involving drugs and guns, leading him to realize his unique capability for this line of work. His story challenges the Hollywood myth of assassins and the glamorized portrayal of contract killings, often depicted as easily accessible through the dark web.

Exploring the World of Assassins in South Africa

Van Zeller’s investigation extended to South Africa, known for having one of the highest assassination rates globally. She interacted with multiple assassins, including a young man named JoJo, who had committed over 30 murders. The alarming regularity of assassinations, especially in the taxi industry, underscores the widespread and normalized nature of this violent trade in certain regions.

Mariana van Zeller Assassin Interview: The Dangers of Investigative Journalism

The conversation with Rogan reveals the inherent risks and ethical dilemmas faced by journalists like van Zeller when delving into the world of crime and violence. Ensuring the anonymity of her sources and balancing the need for information with the potential danger to her subjects and herself is a constant challenge in her line of work.


Mariana van Zeller’s interview with Joe Rogan offers a rare glimpse into the life and mindset of an assassin. Her encounters with these dangerous individuals not only highlight the perilous nature of her investigative journalism but also provide a sobering look at the realities of contract killings. This conversation underscores the complexities and moral ambiguities surrounding the world of assassins, challenging preconceived notions and Hollywood stereotypes.

The Tragic Tale of an American Veteran Scammed and Imprisoned in Africa: A Deep Dive with Mariana van Zeller

In episode #2092 of The Joe Rogan Experience, Joe Rogan and his guest, journalist Mariana van Zeller, delve into a heartbreaking story of an American veteran scammed and imprisoned in Africa. This article, structured from their conversation, sheds light on the victim’s plight and the broader implications of such scams.

An Unfortunate Direct Message Leads to a Massive Investigation

The story began with a direct message from a woman in Minnesota to Mariana van Zeller. She explained that her father, an elderly American, was wrongly imprisoned in Mozambique. This message sparked a comprehensive investigation into the case. Mozambique, a Portuguese-speaking country with connections to van Zeller, presented an intriguing mystery: why was an older American veteran stuck in a foreign prison?

The Scam: A Plot Twisted with Tragedy

The investigation revealed a cruel scam. The victim, a retired truck driver and former military member, was deceived into believing he had inherited a large sum of money from his late wife’s European connections. To claim it, he had to travel to Africa, where he was unknowingly made a drug mule. The man was arrested at the airport with 5 kilos of heroin hidden in chocolates he was carrying. Despite his innocence, he was given a 17-year sentence after a one-day trial.

A Deeper Look into the Scam Network

Van Zeller’s pursuit of the truth took her to South Africa, where she confronted one of the scammers. Posing as a naive American (“Maga”) interested in a similar inheritance scheme, she managed to corroborate the victim’s story. The scammer, unaware of van Zeller’s true identity, inadvertently revealed details that matched the victim’s account. This encounter highlighted the extensive and organized nature of the scamming operation.

Government Inaction and the Prisoner’s Dire Situation

Despite the evidence and outreach to the State Department, little assistance was offered to the imprisoned veteran. He endured poor conditions in a high-security Mozambican prison with inadequate healthcare, a situation exacerbated by his diabetes. His survival depended on external support for basic necessities like food, a task undertaken by his daughter with van Zeller’s help.

Finding Humanity Amidst Despair

In discussing these events, van Zeller reflects on maintaining faith in humanity. Her experiences interviewing cartel members, scammers, and criminals worldwide have shown her that systemic issues, not individual failings, often lead people into lives of crime. This perspective drives her journalistic endeavors, shedding light on the vulnerabilities and desperation that underlie many criminal acts.

Conclusion: The Power of Exposing Injustice

Joe Rogan commends Mariana van Zeller for her bravery and dedication to uncovering such harrowing stories. Her work as a journalist brings crucial attention to issues often overlooked, providing a voice to the most vulnerable and exploited. This episode of The Joe Rogan Experience not only narrates the tragic tale of an American veteran but also highlights the broader implications of global scams and the systemic failures that allow them to thrive.

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