The Joe Rogan Experience #2002 – Amanda Feilding & Joe Rogan 

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Amanda Feilding

Amanda Feilding, a prominent Countess and renowned neuroscientist, is celebrated for her groundbreaking research on psychedelics and consciousness. As the founder of the Beckley Foundation, she champions global drug policy reform and scientific discovery. With over 50 years of experience, Feilding's work merges spirituality, mental health, and neuroscience, challenging conventional perceptions of psychedelic substances. Her influential studies on LSD, psilocybin, and cannabis have reshaped discussions on mental health treatment. Recognized globally for her advocacy, Feilding remains an influential figure in the psychedelic research community.

Books Mentioned on The Joe Rogan Experience #2002 - Amanda Feilding & Joe Rogan

Book Title: Against Nature

Author: Joris-Karl Huysmans

Book Title: L’Autre monde

Author: Savinien Cyrano de Bergerac

Amanda Feilding Explores the Psychedelic Influence on Ego

Renowned psychedelic researcher, Amanda Feilding, delves into the intriguing topic of the effects of psychedelic substances on the human ego in a recent episode of The Joe Rogan Experience. Feilding’s unique insights and depth of knowledge make this a must-watch video for anyone interested in the intersection of psychedelics and consciousness.

Groundbreaking Insights into Psychedelic Use

Feilding, celebrated in the scientific community for her pioneering research in the field of psychedelics, offers groundbreaking insights into their use and potential benefits. She posits that psychedelics have the ability to significantly alter the state of the human mind, making it more receptive and akin to a fertile ground. This enhanced mental receptiveness paves the way for transformative experiences and meaningful insights that can have a profound impact on an individual’s consciousness and perception of reality.

Dissolution of the Ego and the Role of Psychedelics

The focal point of the conversation revolves around the influence of psychedelics on the ego. According to Feilding, the consumption of these substances leads to a decrease in ego control, a process she refers to as the ‘dissolution of the ego’. This dissolution is integral to the mind becoming more open and fertile, allowing for the emergence of potentially life-altering experiences and insights.

Psychedelics as Tools for Personal Growth

Feilding’s discussion with Rogan underscores the potential of psychedelics as tools for personal growth and self-discovery. As the ego’s control diminishes, individuals are often able to tap into deeper layers of their consciousness, unlocking perspectives and understandings that were previously inaccessible.

Join Amanda Feilding on this enlightening journey into the heart of the psychedelic experience and its impact on the ego. This engaging dialogue is certain to provoke thought and challenge preconceived notions about the role and potential of these powerful substances in personal development and consciousness exploration.