The Joe Rogan Experience #2000 – Duncan Trussell & Joe Rogan

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Duncan Trussell

Duncan Trussell, renowned stand-up comedian and podcast host, is best known for his profound yet humorous explorations of the mind and universe. Creator of the innovative and popular 'The Duncan Trussell Family Hour' podcast, his discussions blend spirituality, philosophy, and humor. Trussell’s voice extends into the animated world as co-creator of Netflix’s acclaimed series 'The Midnight Gospel'. His unique storytelling ability captivates audiences, transcending the boundaries of comedy and meditation. A psychedelic explorer and prominent figure in the mental health community, Trussell continues to inspire with his refreshingly genuine perspective. With insightful humor, Duncan Trussell guides listeners on a cosmic journey through life's profound and absurd realities, leaving an indelible mark on the landscape of contemporary comedy.

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