The Joe Rogan Experience #1998 – Ali Siddiq & Joe Rogan

Ali Siddiq Joe Rogan

Ali Siddiq

Ali Siddiq, an accomplished stand-up comedian, enriches every performance with an engaging storytelling style. His diverse journey from incarceration to becoming a renowned Houston-based comedian adds a unique depth to his acts. Siddiq's exceptional talent has graced platforms like HBO, Comedy Central, and BET, bringing hearty laughs to audiences worldwide. Known for his popular special, "It's Bigger Than These Bars," Siddiq combines raw life experiences with a comedic twist, resonating with fans across different demographics. He continues to rise in the comedy circuit, showcasing his prowess in writing, directing, and producing, contributing to the ever-evolving landscape of entertainment. Ali Siddiq, a true master of comedy, will leave you engaged, enlightened, and entertained with his compelling humor and exceptional storytelling.

Books Mentioned in The Joe Rogan Experience #1998 - Ali Siddiq & Joe Rogan

Unraveling the Mysteries of Cults with Joe Rogan and Brian Simpson

When Joe Rogan decided to purchase a building, little did he know that its walls held secrets of a cult’s past. In a riveting conversation with Brian Simpson, Rogan delves deep into the mysterious world of Jaime Gomez, a cult leader with a unique and captivating backstory. The tale not only offers a glimpse into the enigmatic world of cults but also underscores the power of charisma and manipulation.

The Cult of Jaime Gomez: The Hypnotist Guru

As Rogan recounts, the documentary “Holy Hell” serves as a window into Jaime Gomez’s world. A gay porn star turned hypnotist, Gomez’s journey is anything but ordinary. Setting up base in West Hollywood, he transitioned into a role many would find hard to believe – a revered guru. Teaching yoga and presenting himself as a divine entity, Gomez amassed a group of young disciples, holding them in his thrall for nearly a decade.

The Power of Hypnotism and Blind Faith

But how did Gomez achieve such unwavering devotion from his followers? The answer possibly lies in his expertise as a hypnotist. Gomez’s ability to meld his teachings with hypnotic techniques gave him unparalleled control over his disciples. They saw him not just as a teacher, but as a divine figure, channeling “God energy.” This tale serves as a stark reminder of the lengths to which individuals can go when blinded by faith and under the influence of a master manipulator.


The story of Jaime Gomez, as recounted by Joe Rogan, offers a cautionary tale about the dangers of unchecked charisma and the vulnerabilities of those seeking spiritual guidance. In a world filled with charismatic leaders and their devoted followers, the conversation between Rogan and Simpson serves as a reminder of the need for skepticism, critical thinking, and the courage to question.