The Joe Rogan Experience #1978 – Ms Pat & Joe Rogan

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Ms. Pat

Ms. Pat, a trailblazing comedian and author, has captured audiences with her raw, candid humor and inspirational life story. Born Patricia Williams, she overcame a tumultuous upbringing in Atlanta, transforming her experiences into side-splitting stand-up routines. With appearances on popular TV shows, such as Comedy Central's "This Is Not Happening" and Netflix's "The Degenerates," Ms. Pat has become a household name. Her best-selling memoir, "Rabbit," chronicles her journey from adversity to success, earning widespread acclaim. As a sought-after podcast guest, Ms. Pat's unfiltered wit and wisdom resonate with listeners worldwide. With her undeniable talent and resilience, Ms. Pat continues to break barriers in the entertainment industry, inspiring fans and fellow comedians alike. For the latest news and tour dates, follow Ms. Pat on social media and visit her official website.

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