Joe Rogan Christina Pazsitzky

Christina Pazsitzky

Christina Pazsitzky is a talented comedian and podcast host known for her quick wit and unique sense of humor. Born and raised in Canada, Christina began her career in comedy at a young age, performing at local clubs and honing her craft. Her sharp observational comedy and ability to find humor in everyday situations quickly gained her recognition in the industry. Pazsitzky's comedic talents have led her to perform on various late-night talk shows, including The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. She has also appeared on popular comedy podcasts such as The Joe Rogan Experience and Your Mom's House, which she co-hosts with her husband, fellow comedian Tom Segura. In addition to her stand-up comedy, Christina Pazsitzky has released her own comedy specials, showcasing her unique style and hilarious storytelling abilities. Her relatable and honest approach to comedy has earned her a dedicated fan base and critical acclaim. Offstage, Christina is a devoted mother and wife, balancing her career with her family life. She continues to entertain audiences with her sharp wit and infectious laughter, leaving a lasting impression wherever she goes.


In a lively episode of The Joe Rogan Experience, Joe Rogan welcomes the talented comedian and podcaster, Christina Pazsitzky. Known for her sharp wit and hilarious insights, Christina dives into a range of topics from comedy to motherhood.

The Evolution of Stand-up Comedy

Christina and Joe discuss the ever-evolving world of stand-up comedy, reminiscing about their early days on stage and the challenges they faced. They touch upon the changing dynamics of the comedy scene and how the digital age has transformed the way comedians connect with their audience.

Podcasting and ""Your Mom's House""

As one half of the popular podcast ""Your Mom's House,"" which she co-hosts with her husband, Tom Segura, Christina shares behind-the-scenes stories and the joy of podcasting. They delve into the freedom the platform offers and the unique bond it helps forge with listeners.

Life, Motherhood, and Comedy

Christina opens up about the challenges and joys of juggling a thriving career in comedy with motherhood. She and Joe share anecdotes about parenting, reflecting on the humorous side of raising kids and how it often intertwines with their comedic material.


This episode of The Joe Rogan Experience offers a delightful blend of laughter, introspection, and candid conversations, showcasing the multifaceted world of Christina Pazsitzky — from stand-up stages to podcast studios to her home.