The Joe Rogan Experience #1812 – Joe Rogan & Doug Stanhope

The Joe Rogan Experience is a podcast hosted by American comedian, presenter, and UFC color commentator Joe Rogan. It launched on December 24, 2009, on YouTube by Rogan and comedian Brian Redban, who was its sole co-host and producer until 2012 when Jamie Vernon was hired to co-produce. Vernon would eventually take over production. By 2015, it was one of the world’s most popular podcasts, regularly receiving millions of views per episode.

Joe Rogan Doug Stanhope

Doug Stanhope

Doug Stanhope is an American stand-up comedian, author, political activist and podcast host. His stand-up material favors caustic and often obscene observations of life in the style of Bill Hicks and Bill Burr, which he delivers while consuming alcohol. Politically, he has favored libertarianism and once endorsed the Free State Project, a proposed political migration of at least 20,000 libertarians to a single low-population state to foster libertarian ideas. In 2020, Stanhope released his latest special, The Dying of a Last Breed.

Books Mentioned in JRE #1812 - Joe Rogan & Doug Stanhope:

Books by Doug Stanhope

Book Title: This Will Be Funny Later – A Memoir

Author: Jenny Pentland

Book Title: Tribe – On Homecoming And Belonging

Author: Sebastian Junger

Book Title: The War of Art – Break Through the Blocks and Win Your Inner Creative Battles

Author: Steven Pressfield

Books by Noam Chomsky

Book Title: Food Of The Gods – The Search For The Original Tree Of Knowledge

Author: Terence McKenna

Book Title: War Is A Racket

Author: General Smedley D. Butler

Book Title: Lies My Teacher Told Me – Everything Your American Textbook Got Wrong

Author: James W. Loewen

Book Title: You Are Being Lied To – The Disinformation Guide to Media Distortion, Historical Whitewashes and Cultural Myths

Author: Russ Kick

Book Title: No Encore For The Donkey

Author: Doug Stanhope

An Insightful Exchange between Joe Rogan and Doug Stanhope

When Joe Rogan and the irreverently insightful Doug Stanhope come together, listeners are assured a mix of deep dives into societal issues and hilarious personal anecdotes. Their recent conversation was no different, as they explored the intertwined worlds of high-profile celebrity trials and the mind-bending realm of psychedelics.

Navigating the Johnny Depp and Amber Heard Saga

The Johnny Depp and Amber Heard trial has been a media sensation, and Stanhope offers a unique vantage point. Revealing his interactions and the role he inadvertently played in the narrative, Stanhope touches upon the complexities of being perceived as a bridge to Depp. With candid reflections and revelations, this segment of the conversation offers a closer look at the intricate web of relationships and perceptions in the world of celebrities.

Venturing into the Psychedelic Realm: Stanhope's DMT Experience

Taking a lighter turn, Rogan and Stanhope delve into the mystical world of DMT and mushrooms. With Stanhope candidly sharing his recent experiences and apprehensions, the dialogue is filled with moments of laughter, camaraderie, and genuine insights into the world of psychedelics. The dynamic between the two shines brightly as they navigate the challenges and wonders of mind-altering substances.


From the tumultuous world of celebrity trials to the expansive realms of consciousness, the conversation between Joe Rogan and Doug Stanhope serves as a testament to the myriad facets of human experience. As listeners embark on this journey, they are reminded of the value of open dialogue, introspection, and the occasional dose of irreverent humor.