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Akaash Singh

Akaash Singh is a comedian, actor, and podcaster celebrated for his unique blend of wit, cultural insights, and unapologetic humor. Raised in Texas with Indian roots, Akaash's comedic style often touches on his bicultural experiences, challenging societal norms and taboos. He gained widespread recognition as a co-host of the "Flagrant 2" podcast alongside Andrew Schulz, where the duo discuss sports, culture, and life, frequently pushing boundaries. Akaash's presence isn't just limited to the audio space; he's also showcased his comedic chops on MTV's "Wild 'N Out." With a growing following, Akaash continues to be a prominent voice in the comedy scene, using humor as a tool to spark conversations and challenge perspectives.

Books Mentioned on The Joe Rogan Experience (JRE) #1773 – Akaash Singh

Laughter and Life Lessons: A Candid Chat with Akaash Singh

In a lively episode of The Joe Rogan Experience, Joe Rogan engages with Akaash Singh, a standout comedian known for his sharp wit and fresh perspectives. Together, they navigate the world of comedy, discuss societal observations, and delve into Akaash's unique journey in the realm of humor.

Stand-Up Stories: Akaash's Comedy Chronicles

Akaash Singh delves into his comedic journey, sharing anecdotes from his early days in stand-up, the challenges of the comedy circuit, and the moments that defined his career. He discusses the art of crafting jokes, the nuances of audience reactions, and the evolving landscape of comedy in the digital age.

Societal Satire: Comedy as a Mirror

The conversation turns reflective as Akaash and Rogan discuss the role of comedy in holding a mirror to society. They touch upon the power of humor in addressing societal issues, the boundaries of comedy, and the responsibility of comedians in today's polarized world.

Behind the Mic: Personal Insights

Akaash offers a glimpse into his life beyond the stage, discussing personal growth, cultural influences, and the inspirations behind his comedic style. He and Rogan reflect on the universality of humor and the shared human experiences that bind audiences together.


This episode of The Joe Rogan Experience is a delightful journey into the world of comedy, offering insights into the craft, the societal role of humor, and the life and mind of a comedian, all through the comedic lens of Akaash Singh.