The Joe Rogan Experience #1724 – Jewel & Joe Rogan

The Joe Rogan Experience is a wildly popular podcast hosted by comedian, MMA commentator, and all-around cultural icon Joe Rogan. With over 1,500 episodes and counting, the show features in-depth conversations with a diverse range of guests, from scientists and philosophers to actors and musicians. Rogan’s unfiltered and uncensored style of interviewing, combined with his sharp wit and insightful commentary, has earned the podcast a massive following and made it a go-to destination for thought-provoking discussions on a wide variety of topics.

Jewel Joe Rogan


Jewel Kilcher, known professionally as Jewel, is an American singer-songwriter, musician, and actress. With over 30 million albums sold worldwide, Jewel has achieved multi-platinum success and earned four Grammy Award nominations throughout her career. Known for her signature folk-pop sound and deeply personal lyrics, Jewel has released numerous chart-topping albums, including "Pieces of You" and "Spirit." She has also ventured into acting, with notable roles in films such as "Ride with the Devil" and "Ring of Fire." In addition to her musical and acting careers, Jewel is a published author and an advocate for various causes, including mental health and sustainability. Her authenticity and resilience have made her a beloved figure in the entertainment industry and beyond.

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The Joe Rogan Experience #1724 with Jewel: A Captivating Conversation about Life, Music, and Personal Growth

In episode #1724 of The Joe Rogan Experience, iconic singer-songwriter Jewel joins the conversation to discuss her life, music, and personal growth. With a career spanning over 25 years, Jewel has inspired countless fans with her soulful voice and insightful lyrics. In this captivating conversation, she shares her journey of self-discovery, her experiences with mindfulness, and the therapeutic power of music.

Journey of Self-Discovery:

Jewel opens up about her early life in Alaska, where she was raised in a homesteading family. She talks about her experiences with poverty and homelessness, and how these challenges taught her the importance of resilience and adaptability. Jewel’s ability to overcome adversity has been a recurring theme throughout her life, and she credits her strong sense of self-awareness and determination for her success in both music and personal growth.

The Power of Mindfulness:

Jewel and Joe Rogan discuss the transformative power of mindfulness and meditation, and how these practices have been instrumental in Jewel’s personal journey. She shares how incorporating mindfulness into her daily routine has helped her better manage anxiety, depression, and emotional challenges. Jewel emphasizes the importance of self-awareness in personal growth, and how mindfulness can be a powerful tool for fostering this awareness.

Creativity and Music:

Jewel’s passion for music and songwriting has been a cornerstone of her life and career. She shares how the creative process has been a form of therapy for her, allowing her to explore and process her emotions. In her conversation with Joe Rogan, Jewel reflects on the importance of staying true to oneself in the creative process, and how this authenticity has resonated with her fans throughout her career.

The Therapeutic Power of Music:

Music has long been recognized for its therapeutic qualities, and Jewel’s personal experiences are no exception. She discusses the healing power of music, both for herself and her listeners, and how her songs have provided solace to many facing their own personal struggles. Jewel and Joe Rogan delve into the connection between music and emotions, and how this connection can serve as a catalyst for personal growth and healing.

Personal Growth and Overcoming Challenges:

Throughout the conversation, Jewel shares how she has navigated various challenges in her life, from addiction to codependency. She candidly discusses her experiences and the lessons she has learned, and how she has channeled these insights into her music and personal growth journey. Jewel emphasizes the importance of embracing vulnerability and self-acceptance, and how doing so can help unlock our true potential.

Health and Wellness:

Jewel and Joe Rogan discuss the importance of physical and mental health, and how these aspects are interconnected. Jewel shares her personal experiences with anxiety and depression, and how adopting a holistic approach to health has been crucial in her journey towards well-being. She emphasizes the importance of self-care, not only for oneself but for those around us, as a critical component of personal growth and overall happiness.


The Joe Rogan Experience #1724 with Jewel offers an intimate look into the singer-songwriter’s life, music, and personal growth journey. Her candid conversations about overcoming adversity, the power of mindfulness, and the therapeutic qualities of music provide valuable insights and inspiration for those seeking to grow and evolve in their own lives and experiences. With a relatable and honest approach, Jewel’s story serves as a powerful reminder of the resilience of the human spirit and the transformative power of personal growth.

Jewel on The Joe Rogan Experience: A Deep Dive into Her Homeless Days

The Joe Rogan Experience, often abbreviated as JRE, is renowned for its in-depth interviews with a myriad of personalities from various fields. One episode that has garnered significant attention is Joe Rogan’s podcast with the talented singer-songwriter, Jewel. For those searching for “joe rogan jewel full podcast” or variations of “jewel joe rogan podcast”, this article provides a condensed overview of their enlightening conversation.

The Backstory of Jewel's Struggles

Jewel’s journey is both inspiring and heartbreaking. In the episode, she delves deep into her past, recounting her days of homelessness. While many might find an excuse to give up or retreat to familiar patterns, Jewel emphasized the importance of perseverance. She mentioned how easy it is for one to think the world is against them. However, she posed an essential question: “Now what are you going to do about it?”

Finding Her Voice in San Diego's Music Scene

San Diego in the 90s wasn’t just sunny beaches; it was also a burgeoning hub for the music scene. Fans of the “jre jewel” episode will recall how Jewel narrated her struggles to find a singing gig in the city. With grunge gaining momentum, San Diego became a hotspot for singing activities. Jewel, with her innate singing talent, thought of capitalizing on this by performing in local coffee shops. But the journey wasn’t as smooth as anticipated. Some venues even charged artists to perform, inverting the traditional setup.

The Battle with Unfair Practices

One poignant moment from the “joe rogan jewel podcast” was her recounting a confrontation with a coffee shop owner. After a packed gig, the owner refused to share the door money, offering only the tip jar. For Jewel, who was in dire need of funds, this was more than a minor setback. It was a reflection of the exploitation artists sometimes face, even when they are the primary draw for audiences.

In Conclusion

Jewel’s episode on The Joe Rogan Experience isn’t just about music. It’s a testament to her resilience, talent, and unwavering spirit. For those who have yet to listen to the “joe rogan jewel full podcast” or any other JRE episodes, this conversation serves as a perfect entry point. Dive deep into their discussions, and you’ll emerge with profound insights into the life of an artist who once lived in her car but never gave up on her dreams.