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Matty Matheson

Matty Matheson is a dynamic and larger-than-life Canadian chef, television personality, and cookbook author known for his unapologetic approach to food. Born on February 7, 1982, in Saint John, New Brunswick, Matheson's culinary journey started at Toronto's Le Sélect Bistro, where he honed his skills. He rose to prominence as the executive chef at Parts and Labour, a Toronto restaurant celebrated for its indulgent and imaginative dishes. Matty's infectious personality and passion for food soon transcended the kitchen, catapulting him into the spotlight as a beloved TV host. He gained international recognition through his VICELAND series, "Dead Set on Life," and later, "It's Suppertime!" His candid and irreverent style endeared him to fans worldwide. Beyond television, Matheson has authored cookbooks like "Matty Matheson: A Cookbook," showcasing his love for hearty, comfort-driven cuisine. He continues to captivate audiences with his culinary adventures and unfiltered charm, making him a true culinary icon.

Growing Up Mormon: A Deep Dive with Matty Matheson & Joe Rogan

Matty Matheson, renowned for his vibrant personality and culinary expertise, recently delved into his unconventional upbringing on the Joe Rogan Experience. Raised in a devout Mormon family, Matheson’s early life was deeply entwined with the church’s teachings and community. However, a pivotal move from Nova Scotia to Ontario marked the beginning of a drastic shift in his family’s religious journey, leading to their eventual excommunication.

The Mormon Experience in Nova Scotia

Matheson recounts his family’s active involvement in the Mormon Church during their time in Nova Scotia, where the community and fellowship were strong. His father held a significant position within the church, placing the Matheson family in the limelight during services. This close-knit religious upbringing defined Matheson’s early years, from strict adherence to church teachings to the complete avoidance of anything deemed inappropriate by Mormon standards, including certain movies and beverages.

A Shift in Ontario: Drugs, Drinking, and Departure

The family’s relocation to Ontario was a turning point. Matheson describes a loosening of the strictures that once governed his life, coinciding with his teenage years’ experimentation with drugs and alcohol. This period of rebellion was not just about the substances themselves but a broader questioning of the beliefs and restrictions he had grown up with.

The Process of Leaving the Church

Leaving the Mormon Church was neither simple nor immediate for the Matheson family. The church’s extensive documentation on its members and their families made disentangling themselves a lengthy process. Matheson humorously yet poignantly discusses the challenges they faced, from the church’s financial expectations to the deeply ingrained habit of giving.

Reflections on Faith and Family

Matheson’s reflections on his family’s religious journey are interwoven with personal anecdotes and revelations. From questioning the existence of heaven at a young age to confronting his parents about their religious choices in his twenties, his narrative is one of questioning and, ultimately, personal growth.

Excommunication and Beyond: A New Path

The climax of Matheson’s story revolves around his family’s excommunication, a turning point that led to newfound freedoms and the exploration of new identities outside the Mormon faith. Yet, this transition was not without its challenges, highlighting the complexities of leaving a deeply ingrained community and belief system.


Matty Matheson’s candid discussion with Joe Rogan offers a unique insight into the complexities of growing up within and eventually leaving the Mormon Church. His journey from adherence to rebellion and excommunication underscores the profound impact of religious upbringing on personal identity and life choices. Through Matheson’s narrative, we are reminded of the power of questioning, the search for personal truth, and the ongoing quest for understanding in the face of profound change.

It Took More Than a Heart Attack to Get Matty Matheson Sober

In an illuminating episode of “The Joe Rogan Experience,” celebrated chef and culinary personality Matty Matheson shares the harrowing yet inspiring tale of his battle with addiction, a heart attack at a young age, and his eventual path to sobriety. Despite the life-threatening health scare, Matheson candidly reveals it took more than just a heart attack to catalyze his journey towards recovery.

The Turning Point

Matty Matheson’s story is not just about addiction; it’s a testament to human resilience. Three months after experiencing a heart attack, Matheson found himself diving deeper into substance abuse, marking the beginning of what he describes as his transformation into a “full-blooded addict.” This period was characterized by Matheson’s strategic isolation, as he began frequenting “different bars” and “little drug homes,” a stark contrast to the support and love he received from his friends and family.

The Descent

Matheson’s descent into addiction was marked by violence, banishment from his own nightclub, and a series of reckless decisions that alienated him from his community. He describes a pattern of blackout drunkenness and aggression towards friends, indicating a loss of control that pushed him further into the fringes of his social and professional circles.

The Moment of Realization

The climax of Matheson’s story arrives with a revelatory moment during a dinner service, where his behavior leads to a confrontation with his business partners. The subsequent intervention by his friends and the ultimatum from his partner set the stage for Matheson’s confrontation with his reality. It was the act of lying—to his friends, family, and himself—that Matheson identifies as the catalyst for his decision to seek help.

The Path to Sobriety

The journey to sobriety began with an intervention led by Matheson’s closest friends and a subsequent meeting that he reluctantly attended. The “miracle” happened when Matheson decided to accept help and commit to change, marking the end of his substance abuse and the beginning of a new chapter in his life.


Matty Matheson’s story is a powerful narrative of redemption and transformation. His candid discussion with Joe Rogan sheds light on the complexities of addiction, the importance of community, and the possibility of recovery, no matter how daunting the journey may seem. Matheson’s journey underscores the reality that overcoming addiction often requires more than a wake-up call; it demands a profound internal shift and the support of those around us.

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