The Joe Rogan Experience #1577 – Terry Virts & Joe Rogan

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Terry Virts Joe Rogan

Terry Virts

Terry Virts is a retired NASA astronaut and former commander of the International Space Station. He has completed three spacewalks and logged over 200 days in space. Virts is a public speaker, author, and advocate for science education and space exploration. He has written two books, "View from Above" and "How to Astronaut," both of which have been praised for their insights on leadership and teamwork. Virts' engaging style and unique perspective on life in space continue to inspire and educate people worldwide.

Books Mentioned in JRE #1577 - Terry Virts & Joe Rogan:

Book Title: How to Astronaut: An Insider’s Guide to Leaving Planet Earth

by Terry Virts

Book Title: War and Peace

by Leo Tolstoy

The Right Stuff

by Tom Wolfe

Book Title: The End of Everything (Astrophysically Speaking)

by Katie Mack

The Bible

Book Title: Factfulness: Ten Reasons We’re Wrong About the World–and Why Things Are Better Than You Think

by Hans Rosling with Ola Rosling & Anna Rosling Rönnlund

books by Arthur C. Clarke

books by Isaac Asimov

Book Title: The Three-Body Problem (series)

by Cixin Liu

books by Jack Carr

Book Title: View From Above: An Astronaut Photographs the World

by Terry Virts

Book Title: 100 Deadly Skills

by Clint Emerson