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Evan Hafer & Mat Best

Evan Hafer and Mat Best are two remarkable individuals who have left an indelible mark on the world through their entrepreneurship and dedication to serving others. Evan Hafer is a former Green Beret and the founder of Black Rifle Coffee Company, a veteran-owned and operated coffee company known for its exceptional quality and unwavering support for military and first responders. Hafer's vision and commitment to excellence have propelled the company to great success. Mat Best, a former Army Ranger and Special Forces soldier, is a co-founder of Black Rifle Coffee Company alongside Evan Hafer. Beyond his contributions to the coffee industry, Mat is a prolific content creator, using humor and storytelling to bridge the gap between military culture and the civilian world through his YouTube channel and other media projects. Together, Hafer and Best have not only built a thriving business but have also fostered a community of like-minded individuals who share their passion for serving those who serve. Their inspiring journey is a testament to the power of determination and the impact of giving back to those who protect and defend our freedoms.

The Joe Rogan Experience (JRE) #1546: Evan Hafer & Mat Best: Introduction to Black Rifle Coffee and the Guests

Joe Rogan’s guests, Evan Hafer and Mat Best, are not just entrepreneurs but also veterans deeply connected to various causes supporting their fellow servicemen and first responders through their company, Black Rifle Coffee. Rogan admires their commitment and the deep conversations they engage in, discussing everything from diet to the military-industrial complex.

The Coffee Journey

Evan Hafer’s passion for coffee started in the late ’90s, influenced by a barista he met. His interest deepened over time, even carrying his coffee roasting setup during his military service. Hafer’s meticulous approach to coffee, involving precise measurements and temperatures, often made him the subject of light-hearted jest among his peers. He describes his journey from being teased as a “hipster” in the special forces to establishing Black Rifle Coffee.

The Military and Its Expenditures

The conversation takes a turn towards the military, with discussions about the absurdities in military spending. Mat Best narrates how he encountered an intricate espresso machine in a remote base, later realizing it was Hafer who had facilitated its procurement. They delve into the peculiarities of military budgets and the impractical and often wasteful expenses, like underutilized armored vehicles.

The Fascination with Armored Vehicles

The discussion about military spending seamlessly transitions into a broader conversation about armored vehicles. They talk about their specifications, the protective capabilities, and the peculiar lifestyles of those who own such vehicles. Joe Rogan expresses his amazement at the level of protection and luxury some of these vehicles offer.

Transition to Black Rifle Coffee

Evan Hafer shares the origins of Black Rifle Coffee, which he started almost simultaneously as he transitioned out of the military. The discussion then moves to the variety and origins of the coffee they offer, with Joe Rogan sharing his own experiences and preferences in coffee.

Diet and Nutrition

The conversation shifts to diet, where Rogan shares his experience with the carnivore diet, discussing the effects it had on his body and mood. Hafer shares his current dietary experiment focusing solely on meat and fish, particularly wild elk and salmon. They discuss the misconceptions about fat in diets and the detrimental effects of sugar and processed foods.

Hunting and Conservation

Rogan and his guests also touch upon hunting, conservation, and the ethics of consuming different types of meat. They discuss the importance of eating what you hunt and the nutritional value of organ meats like liver and heart. Rogan expresses his desire to try eating a bison liver raw, as Native Americans once did.

The Joe Rogan Experience (JRE) #1546: Evan Hafer & Mat Best – Navigating Nutrition, Wellness, and Veteran Affairs

The second segment of the podcast delves into the complexities of the American diet, addressing the impact of processed foods and misconceptions surrounding health staples like brown and white rice. Hafer and Best discuss the detrimental effects of processed seed oils and the problems with the traditional food pyramid, highlighting the obesity epidemic and its correlation with processed food consumption. The conversation emphasizes the importance of whole foods, caloric intake awareness, and the dangers of corporate influence on dietary choices.

Veterans’ Health and Government Responsibility

The discussion takes a poignant turn towards the long-term health issues veterans face due to their service. Hafer and Best share personal anecdotes and broader observations about the military’s impact on physical and mental health, including the controversial use of burn pits. They criticize the government’s lackluster support for veterans post-service, particularly concerning the healthcare system’s inefficiencies and the need for more substantial, directed care and research, especially for conditions related to burn pits and other service-related hazards.

The Black Rifle Coffee Journey

Amidst these critical discussions, the duo also shares the story behind Black Rifle Coffee Company. They discuss the company’s mission to support veterans and first responders and how their military experiences have shaped the business’s ethos. The company’s commitment to providing quality coffee while also creating a meaningful impact resonates deeply, showcasing how a business can be both successful and principled.

Personal Growth and Finding Purpose

The conversation turns introspective as Hafer reflects on his personal journey from being in the CIA to starting Black Rifle Coffee. He discusses the pivotal moments that led to self-improvement and how becoming a father changed his perspective on life. This segment emphasizes the importance of recognizing personal issues, seeking change, and the power of having a supportive community or team to aid in personal growth and achieving one’s mission in life.

The Joe Rogan Experience (JRE) #1546: Evan Hafer & Mat Best – A Deep Dive into Military Affairs and Societal Issues

The final third of the podcast with Evan Hafer and Mat Best continues to explore the intricacies of health and societal issues. They tackle the topic of obesity and societal perception of overweight individuals. The conversation focuses on the historical context of obesity, noting how what was once considered extraordinarily overweight is now commonplace. The discussion delves into the idea of ‘fat shaming’ and its controversial role in motivating individuals to make healthier lifestyle choices. Rogan and his guests argue that while it’s essential to be compassionate, there’s also a need for honesty in addressing health issues related to diet and lifestyle.

The Complexity of Military Affairs

The conversation shifts to a profound discussion on military affairs, particularly focusing on the American military’s presence in Afghanistan and the broader implications of the military-industrial complex. Hafer and Best, with their extensive experience in military and private contracting, provide an insider’s perspective on the inefficiencies and political motivations driving prolonged military engagements. They question the lack of clear objectives and success criteria in military campaigns and criticize the influence of the military-industrial complex in perpetuating conflicts for financial gain. The dialogue touches upon the need for transparent, goal-oriented military strategies that prioritize effective outcomes over prolonged engagement.

Societal and Political Implications

As the conversation progresses, it delves into broader societal and political implications. The guests express concerns about the lack of national discourse on critical issues like military engagements and the influence of the military-industrial complex on politics. They suggest that political decisions often prioritize financial interests over the well-being of military personnel and the ethical considerations of military actions. The discussion also touches on the need for leadership focused on mission and integrity rather than personal advancement and financial gain.

Concluding Thoughts

In the conclusion of this episode, Joe Rogan and his guests reflect on the importance of having open, honest discussions about complex issues facing society. They emphasize the need for informed and compassionate leadership that prioritizes the well-being of citizens and ethical considerations over financial incentives. The podcast ends with a call to action for individuals and society to engage in meaningful conversations about these critical topics and to hold leaders accountable for their decisions and actions.