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Hannibal Buress

Hannibal Buress is an American comedian, actor, writer, and producer born on February 4, 1983, in Chicago, Illinois. Renowned for his distinctive delivery and relaxed on-stage demeanor, Buress gained prominence in the late 2000s with appearances on late-night talk shows and roles on comedy series like "The Eric Andre Show" and "Broad City." His stand-up specials, including "Animal Furnace" and "Comedy Camisado," have been acclaimed for their insightful commentary and deadpan humor. Beyond comedy, Buress has ventured into acting, with notable roles in films like "Neighbors" and "Tag," showcasing his versatility. Despite controversies, he's remained a significant figure in modern comedy, known for addressing issues ranging from everyday absurdities to social commentary, all with a sharp wit and a laid-back style. His influence extends into writing and producing, marking him as a multifaceted talent in the entertainment industry.

The Joe Rogan Experience (JRE) #1505 with Hannibal Buress

Welcome to an in-depth exploration of the first segment of the Joe Rogan Experience podcast episode #1505, featuring the iconic comedian and actor Hannibal Buress. This article dissects the conversation’s first third, shedding light on various intriguing topics and moments that transpired between Hannibal and Joe.

Sponsorship Segment: A Culinary Journey with Trager Grilles

The podcast opens with Joe Rogan passionately discussing his affinity for Trager Grills, describing it as a culinary journey that transforms ordinary meals into extraordinary ones. He delves into the technology and convenience that Trager Grills offer, setting the stage for an episode that’s as flavorful as the dishes he describes.

Butcher Box: A Commitment to Quality

Rogan transitions into talking about Butcher Box, a service delivering high-quality, humanely raised meat. He emphasizes the company’s ethical approach and its response to COVID-19, highlighting the importance of quality and service during these times.

Comfort and Style: MeUndies and Policy Genius

The conversation then shifts to MeUndies, where Rogan shares his personal preference for the brand due to its comfort and style. Following this, he discusses Policy Genius, underscoring the significance of smart financial decisions, especially in uncertain times like a pandemic.

The Arrival of Hannibal Buress

As the sponsorship segment concludes, Hannibal Buress makes his entrance. They exchange pleasantries and reminisce about their last encounter in Thailand. This leads to an interesting discussion about Muay Thai, with Buress sharing his experience training in the discipline. He humorously talks about his challenges and adjustments while learning Muay Thai, bringing a light-hearted vibe to the conversation.

Exploring Life Changes and Decisions

The discussion takes a deeper turn as Buress reflects on his decision to train in Muay Thai as a form of mental reset. This segues into a broader conversation about life changes, decisions, and the impact of COVID-19 on their lives and routines. They discuss the oddity of performing stand-up during the pandemic and the mental toll of hosting social gatherings during such uncertain times.

Delving into Politics and Societal Issues

The conversation naturally drifts towards politics and societal issues. They touch upon the upcoming presidential election, the complexities of choosing a leader, and the bizarre world of Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell. This segment reveals their concerns and thoughts about the current state of the world and its leadership.

Embracing New Experiences and Creative Outlets

As the first third of the podcast wraps up, Buress shares his plans to move to Ghana, seeking a change in perspective and environment. They discuss the importance of embracing new experiences for creative growth and mental well-being. The segment ends with a light-hearted discussion about finding solace in simple pleasures like watching the show “The Floor is Lava” and marble races on YouTube.

The Joe Rogan Experience (JRE) #1505 with Hannibal Buress: Memories and more

Continuing the journey into the second third of the Joe Rogan Experience podcast episode #1505 with Hannibal Buress, we delve into a range of topics from lifestyle changes, the impact of COVID-19, to the nuances of performing arts and technology. Here’s what unfolded.

A Stroll Down Memory Lane with Johnny Cash

The segment kicks off with a nostalgic discussion about Johnny Cash’s moose hunting in Newfoundland, sparking a conversation about hunting ethics and the sounds of wildlife. Joe educates Hannibal on the noises made by various animals like elk, highlighting the distinct calls used during hunting.

Navigating the COVID-19 Pandemic

Transitioning into a more serious tone, the conversation shifts to the COVID-19 pandemic. Hannibal shares his initial skepticism about the severity of the virus when seeing his girlfriend wearing a mask in Hong Kong. They discuss the bizarre new normal of wearing masks, the fear of hosting events, and the surreal nature of experiencing a global pandemic.

The Struggle of Parallel Parking

In a lighter moment, Hannibal humorously laments his parallel parking skills, or lack thereof. Joe suggests practicing and even getting a car that assists with parking, emphasizing the importance of overcoming small, everyday challenges.

Game Shows and New Ventures

Hannibal discusses his interest in hosting game shows and the allure of significant payouts they offer. Joe shares his experience hosting Fear Factor and how it changed his life, providing financial freedom but also being a demanding job. They ponder over other comedians who have ventured into hosting game shows and the potential of Hannibal pursuing a similar path.

The Therapeutic Nature of Video Games

The conversation takes a turn into the world of video games, with Hannibal sharing his quarantine-induced deep dive into NBA 2K and the social dynamics of playing online. Joe relates with his own past video game addiction, detailing the immersive and sometimes overwhelming nature of intense gaming sessions.

The Creative Process and Performing Arts

They discuss their creative processes, with Joe inquiring about Hannibal’s approach to writing and performing. The conversation touches upon the impact of not performing stand-up due to COVID-19 and the unique experience of drive-in shows during the pandemic. They also explore the potential of virtual performances and the evolution of technology in arts.

Embracing Life Changes

Hannibal reflects on visiting his sister’s family in Phoenix, appreciating the structure and normalcy it brought during the pandemic. It leads to a discussion about the importance of family, routine, and the small joys of daily life that have become more apparent during these trying times.

The Joe Rogan Experience #1505 with Hannibal Buress: The Problem with Gambling

In the final segment of the Joe Rogan Experience podcast episode #1505 featuring comedian Hannibal Buress, the conversation continues with discussions ranging from the impact of a crowd on fighters’ psyche to personal stories and societal issues. This section provides an insightful look into a variety of topics, punctuated with humor and serious reflection.

The Fighter’s Psyche and Public Perception

The segment begins with Joe and Hannibal discussing the impact of having no audience at UFC fights. They explore how the lack of a crowd might affect a fighter’s psyche, especially after a loss, and the unfortunate commonality of online taunting.

The Complex World of Gambling

Hannibal shares his experiences with gambling, offering an intimate glimpse into the highs and lows of betting, especially in sports. He recounts a wild story involving winning and losing large sums of money, emphasizing the addictive and often consuming nature of gambling.

Creative Processes and Public Reactions

The conversation shifts to Hannibal’s creative process, particularly regarding his stand-up specials. He explains the importance of refining material and the decision to release his special, “Miami Nights,” independently on YouTube. They discuss how platforms like YouTube offer creative freedom and broader accessibility.

Societal Issues and Police Training

A significant part of the conversation is dedicated to discussing societal issues, particularly the role and training of police officers. Joe suggests that continuous training and better education are crucial for improving police interactions with the public. Hannibal shares a personal encounter with the police, highlighting the need for de-escalation skills and empathy in law enforcement.

The Impact of COVID-19 and Future Aspirations

As they touch upon the impact of COVID-19, Hannibal reflects on the canceled plans and the shift in his focus during the pandemic. He expresses a desire to explore new experiences, including stand-up in different countries, and discusses the importance of finding creative outlets during challenging times.


The final third of the podcast offers a mix of personal anecdotes, thoughtful discussions on societal issues, and reflections on the creative process. Joe and Hannibal’s conversation provides an engaging blend of humor and depth, leaving listeners with much to ponder about the complexities of modern life and the human experience.