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Jesus Trejo

Jesus Trejo is a rising star in the world of comedy, captivating audiences with his unique blend of humor and heart. Born and raised in Long Beach, California, Trejo draws inspiration from his Mexican-American upbringing, infusing his stand-up routines with relatable anecdotes and cultural insights. His journey into comedy began at open mic nights, where he honed his craft and eventually caught the attention of comedy club owners and producers. Trejo's comedic style is characterized by his witty observations on family dynamics, everyday life, and the immigrant experience in America. Trejo's talent has earned him appearances on top-tier late-night shows, including "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon" and "Conan." He has also been featured on comedy specials and podcasts, showcasing his storytelling prowess and infectious charisma. With his rising fame and relatable humor, Jesus Trejo is a comedian to watch as he continues to make audiences laugh while connecting with them on a personal level.

The Joe Rogan Experience (JRE) #1483 with Jesus Trejo: An Exploration of Comedy

The Joe Rogan Experience #1483 features comedian Jesus Trejo and host Joe Rogan. The episode begins with advertisements for CBD MD and, promoting wellness and convenience respectively. The sponsors highlight the ease of integrating CBD into fitness routines and the efficiency of handling postal services from home.

Welcoming Jesus Trejo

Jesus Trejo, a stand-up comedian, is welcomed to the show. He discusses his excitement for the opportunity to appear on the podcast and mentions his Showtime special “Stay at Home Son.” Trejo shares his journey in comedy, reflecting on the evolution of his material over 13 years. He notes the traditional belief that it takes a decade to become a ‘real’ comic and parallels this with the martial arts progression to a black belt.

The Evolving Landscape of Comedy

The conversation shifts to the changing dynamics of comedy, especially in producing specials and the impact of comedians like Louis C.K. They discuss the trend of discarding material annually and the influence of the internet on the volume of content produced. Trejo mentions the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, where comedians often create themed shows, highlighting the contrast between American and overseas comedians.

Insights into Modern Day Comedy and Philosophy

Rogan and Trejo delve into the roles of comedians as modern-day philosophers, dissecting social issues with humor. They discuss the adaptability of comedians like Andrew Schultz and Tim Dillon during the pandemic, using online platforms to continue delivering content. The conversation also touches on the importance of sound and language in comedy, where even without understanding the words, the audience can gauge the comedian’s intentions.

Nature, Wildlife, and Human Interactions

The podcast takes a turn into discussing the rawness of nature and human interactions with wildlife. They talk about the disturbing yet fascinating aspects of predators in action and the often underestimated danger of creatures like alligators and crocodiles. The discussion highlights several instances where humans have come into fatal contact with these animals, emphasizing the unpredictability and inherent wildness of nature.

The Joe Rogan Experience (JRE) #1483 with Jesus Trejo: Pandemic and Its Impact on Society

The conversation shifts to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on society, with Joe Rogan and Jesus Trejo discussing the increased aggression in rats due to scarcity of food in New York. They ponder over the societal changes post-pandemic, including the economic devastation in downtown L.A. and other cities, and the concerns raised about opening up too soon. The discussion highlights the delicate balance between safety measures and the need to resume normalcy.

Police Brutality and Social Justice

Rogan and Trejo delve into the disturbing incident of police brutality in Minneapolis, where an officer kneeled on George Floyd’s neck, leading to his death. They discuss the broader issues of police brutality, the lack of proper training, and the psychological impact of policing. Rogan suggests that all police officers should have at least a purple belt in jujitsu to better control situations without resorting to deadly force.

The Role of Society and Future Prospects

The podcast touches on societal roles, with a critique of celebrity culture and the performative activism often seen on social media. They discuss the importance of genuine actions over mere statements. The conversation also explores historical responses to pandemics, with references to the Black Death and the use of beak masks filled with herbs to ward off bad smells, believed to be the cause of the disease.

Jesus Trejo’s Comedy Special

The discussion wraps up with Jesus Trejo sharing his journey in developing his comedy special “Stay at Home Son.” He reflects on the iterative process of refining his set, the bittersweet feelings of finding new material post-recording, and the anticipation of the special’s release. The segment highlights the perpetual evolution of a comedy set and the snapshot nature of a special​​.

The Joe Rogan Experience (JRE) #1483 with Jesus Trejo: Personal Insights and Future Aspirations

The final segment of the podcast delves into Jesus Trejo’s personal life and his aspirations. They discuss the significance of his comedy special’s title, “Stay at Home Son,” in relation to the pandemic and his mother’s claims of psychic abilities. Trejo shares his enthusiasm for the opportunity to create and share his special, and Rogan commends his dedication and unique comedy style.

Technology and Language Evolution

The conversation shifts to the evolution of technology and language. They discuss the intricacies of being bilingual, the cognitive benefits, and the challenges Trejo faced due to language barriers in his education. The discussion extends to the fascinating variations in languages worldwide, including the additional letters and orthography in languages like Icelandic and Danish.

The Influence of Environment on Creativity

Rogan and Trejo explore how the environment, particularly the Comedy Store, fosters creativity and excellence. They reflect on the camaraderie and competition among comedians, which drives them to continually improve their craft. Trejo shares his methodical approach to comedy, including using index cards and whiteboards to organize his thoughts and refine his performance.

Privacy Concerns and Technological Reliance

As the conversation concludes, Rogan and Trejo discuss the growing concerns over privacy and the pervasive influence of technology in daily life. They debate the pros and cons of various smartphones and the importance of competition in the tech industry. Despite acknowledging the convenience of features like airdrop and the superior camera quality of certain phones, they express unease about the amount of personal data these devices collect and share​​.