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Jessimae Peluso

Jessimae Peluso is a dynamic comedian, actress, and podcast host known for her razor-sharp wit and unapologetic humor. Born on September 16, 1982, in Syracuse, New York, she embarked on her comedy career at an early age and quickly gained recognition in the stand-up comedy scene. Jessimae's unique comedic style blends observational humor with personal anecdotes, tackling topics like relationships, pop culture, and the absurdities of everyday life. Her fearless and candid approach to comedy has earned her a devoted fan base and numerous accolades in the industry. In addition to her stand-up comedy, Jessimae has appeared on various television shows, including MTV's "Girl Code" and "SafeWord." She is also a talented podcast host, known for her podcast "Sharp Tongue," where she engages in candid and entertaining conversations with a wide range of guests. With her boundless energy and infectious laughter, Jessimae Peluso continues to captivate audiences with her comedic prowess and remains a force to be reckoned with in the world of comedy.

The Joe Rogan Experience #1466: A Conversation with Jessimae Peluso

In episode #1466 of The Joe Rogan Experience, Joe Rogan and guest Jessimae Peluso delve into various topics, starting with the benefits of fitness trackers like Woop. They discuss the importance of sleep, especially during stressful times like the coronavirus pandemic, and how it’s vital for maintaining a robust immune system. Rogan and Peluso emphasize the need for quality sleep to bolster immunity and overall well-being.

The Digital Era: Convenience and Concerns

Rogan expresses his appreciation for Squarespace, highlighting how anyone can create a professional-looking website without needing expert skills. This segues into a broader discussion about the convenience of digital tools and services in today’s world. However, they also touch upon the potential downsides, such as dependency and privacy concerns.

Financial Services and CBD Products: A Modern Necessity

The conversation shifts to financial services like the Cash App, underscoring the modern necessity for easy money transfer and investment options. They also talk about the growing popularity and benefits of CBD products, with Rogan sharing his personal positive experiences.

Jessimae Peluso: A Joyful Presence

Rogan introduces Jessimae Peluso, describing her as a hilarious stand-up comedian and a joy to be around. The interaction between Rogan and Peluso is lighthearted and humorous, providing a glimpse into their friendship and mutual respect.

Deep Conversations: From Writing to Conspiracy Theories

The discussion takes a deeper turn as they explore topics like writing books, the challenges and restrictions imposed by publishers, and the ridiculousness of how-to books on stand-up comedy. They dive into conspiracy theories, particularly surrounding figures like Richard Belzer and the complexities of different conspiracy theory classifications.

The Covid-19 Pandemic: A Global Crisis

Rogan and Peluso discuss the unprecedented nature of the Covid-19 pandemic, its impact on the economy, jobs, and businesses. They ponder the global response, the use of resources, and whether this crisis might kickstart a more unified global approach to major societal issues like child sex trafficking and homelessness.

Reflecting on Personal Experiences and Society

The conversation becomes more personal as they reflect on their own lives, discussing the impacts of constant traveling on their health and the joys of a more settled routine. They touch upon societal issues, such as the stigmatization of certain groups and the need for a more compassionate and understanding society.

The Joe Rogan Experience (JRE) #1466: The Healing Power of Pets and Personal Transformation

Continuing their conversation, Joe Rogan and Jessimae Peluso discuss the transformative power of rescuing pets, particularly dogs. Peluso shares a heartwarming story about adopting her boxer mix, Carlin, from a shelter and the journey of training and bonding with him. This segment underscores the profound impact pets can have on our lives, offering unconditional love and teaching responsibility and compassion.

Societal Reflections: Prisons, Health, and Personal Responsibility

The discussion takes a societal turn as they delve into the complex issues surrounding prisons and the justice system, particularly the plight of non-violent drug offenders and systemic disparities. They criticize the over-prescription of drugs by some medical professionals, highlighting the importance of holistic health approaches and personal responsibility for one’s well-being.

Exploring Hypnotism and Personal Growth

Rogan shares his experience with hypnotism, describing it as a state that allows for deep introspection and personal growth, akin to sensory deprivation or float tank experiences. They discuss the potential benefits of such practices in understanding and overcoming personal challenges and anxieties.

The Fascination with Cults and the Power of Persuasion

The conversation shifts to the topic of cults, with a focus on Scientology and its founder, L. Ron Hubbard. They explore the power of persuasion and the human tendency to seek guidance and improvement through various means, whether through self-help gurus like Tony Robbins or more controversial figures like Hubbard.

Reflections on the Current State and Future Prospects

As they reflect on the Covid-19 pandemic and its impact on society, Rogan and Peluso discuss the potential long-term effects on community, health, and the economy. They express hope that the crisis will lead to a greater emphasis on community support, access to education, and a more holistic approach to health and well-being.

Tom Cruise: The Daredevil of Hollywood

Joe Rogan and Jessimae Peluso kick off this segment by discussing the astonishing stunts performed by actor Tom Cruise. They marvel at his daredevil nature, particularly highlighted in his helicopter stunts and the infamous scene where he clings to the side of an airplane. They ponder whether Cruise’s involvement with Scientology contributes to his fearless approach to life and stunts.

Reflecting on Influential Fitness Icons

The conversation transitions to a nostalgic look at fitness icons of the past, like Jane Fonda and Suzanne Somers, who pioneered the concept of fitness influencing. They discuss the evolution of the fitness industry and how it has led to the current trend of fitness influencers on social media platforms.

The Complexity of Human Development

Rogan expresses a profound realization of seeing people as the culmination of their entire life’s journey, from infancy to adulthood. This perspective shift has allowed him to understand people’s complexities and the multitude of factors that shape an individual’s personality and life choices.

The Power of Struggle and Personal Growth

They delve into the topic of personal struggle and growth, discussing how adversity can shape a person positively or negatively. They highlight the story of comedian Joey Diaz as an example of someone who turned his tumultuous past into a source of strength and positivity.

The Importance of Self-Reflection and Improvement

Rogan emphasizes the significance of self-reflection and the continuous effort to become a better person. He shares how certain activities, like jiu-jitsu and hard workouts, serve as a form of self-purging and a way to confront personal challenges.

Quarantine Reflections and the Future of Performing

As they reflect on the quarantine period, they discuss how it has brought a new appreciation for relationships and life’s priorities. They also ponder the future of performing live and how the pandemic might change the entertainment industry and personal health awareness.


In the final third of episode #1466, Joe Rogan and Jessimae Peluso cover an array of topics, from the exhilarating stunts of Tom Cruise to the impact of early fitness influencers, and the profound understanding of human development. They share personal insights on the importance of confronting one’s past, continuous self-improvement, and the lasting effects of the quarantine period on personal and professional lives. The episode concludes with a blend of humor, nostalgia, and thoughtful discussion on the future of society and individual well-being.