JRE 1193 Exploring the World of Surfing with Shane Dorian

In episode #1193 of the podcast, host Joe Rogan sits down with Shane Dorian, a name synonymous with big wave surfing, to discuss the intricacies of surfing, the evolution of the sport, and Shane’s personal journey through it.

The Evolution of Surfing

Shane Dorian opens up about how surfing has evolved from a niche, largely underground activity to a global phenomenon. He reflects on the early days of his career, when surfing was about the pure joy of the ride and the close-knit community that surrounded it. Dorian notes, “Surfing has exploded in popularity, but at its core, it’s still about that connection with the ocean.” This sentiment captures the essence of what draws people to the sport – a combination of thrill, nature, and camaraderie.

Challenges and Triumphs

Rogan and Dorian delve into the challenges faced by surfers, from battling unpredictable ocean conditions to the mental resilience required to conquer fears. Shane shares stories of monumental waves and the physical and mental preparation involved in tackling them. He emphasizes the importance of respect for the ocean’s power, saying, “You have to know your limits, but also push them in a way that’s respectful to the ocean.”

The Surfer’s Lifestyle

The conversation shifts to the lifestyle that accompanies professional surfing. Shane describes the travel, the training, and the dedication needed to excel in the sport. He also touches on the camaraderie among surfers, a unique aspect of the surfing world where competitors are also close friends. “There’s a brotherhood in surfing that’s hard to find elsewhere,” Dorian remarks, highlighting the supportive community that’s as much a part of the sport as the surfing itself.

Pivotal Moments in Shane Dorian’s Career

In the heart of their conversation, Joe Rogan and Shane Dorian discuss the moments that have defined Dorian’s career. One standout memory is Shane’s legendary ride at Jaws, a surf break in Maui known for its monstrous waves. Dorian describes the experience with vivid detail, from the adrenaline rush of catching the wave to the serene calm of riding it. “It was a moment where everything in my life seemed to align,” Shane recalls, highlighting the spiritual aspect of surfing that often goes unnoticed.

The Role of Technology in Surfing

The conversation takes a turn towards the impact of technology on surfing. Shane and Joe explore how advancements like surf forecasting and equipment design have revolutionized the sport. Dorian is particularly enthusiastic about the development of safety gear, such as inflatable vests, which have made big wave surfing significantly safer. “Technology has been a game-changer, allowing us to push the boundaries of what’s possible,” Shane notes, underscoring the balance between respecting tradition and embracing innovation.

Environmental Conservation and Surfing

Shane Dorian expresses a deep connection to the ocean, not just as a surfer but as an advocate for environmental conservation. He discusses the importance of protecting marine ecosystems and the role surfers play in conservation efforts. “As surfers, we’re directly impacted by the health of our oceans, so it’s crucial we lead by example,” Shane states, calling on the surfing community to be proactive in environmental protection.

The Future of Surfing

Shane Dorian shares his optimistic vision for the future of surfing, highlighting the sport’s continuous growth and its inclusion in the Olympic Games as pivotal milestones. “The inclusion of surfing in the Olympics is a huge step forward for the sport,” Shane mentions, recognizing the potential for increased global recognition and support for surfers. He also speaks about the evolution of wave pools and their role in making surfing accessible to people far from coastlines, thereby democratizing the sport.

Surfing’s Influence on Youth and Society

Dorian reflects on surfing’s profound impact on youth and society, emphasizing its ability to teach resilience, respect for nature, and the importance of community. He shares personal anecdotes of how surfing has shaped his character, instilling in him values such as patience, determination, and humility. “Surfing is more than a sport; it’s a way of life that offers invaluable lessons off the board,” Shane asserts, highlighting the broader life lessons surfing imparts.

Advice to Aspiring Surfers

To aspiring surfers, Shane Dorian offers advice that is both practical and philosophical. He stresses the importance of dedication, urging young surfers to commit fully to their passion for the sport. “Surfing requires dedication, not just in the water but in every aspect of your life,” he advises, underscoring the commitment required to excel. Additionally, Dorian emphasizes the importance of environmental stewardship, encouraging surfers to protect and preserve the oceans that provide them with joy and fulfillment.


Throughout the podcast, Shane Dorian’s insights illuminate the multifaceted world of surfing, from the thrilling peaks of riding giant waves to the serene moments of connection with the ocean. His perspective not only celebrates the sport’s evolution but also underscores the responsibility of surfers to their community and the environment. Dorian’s journey and wisdom offer a compelling narrative that resonates with both seasoned surfers and those new to the sport, encapsulating the essence of surfing as a profound interaction between human and nature.

As we wrap up our conversation with Shane Dorian, the takeaways extend beyond surfing, touching on themes of passion, resilience, and environmental consciousness. These insights not only enrich our understanding of surfing but also inspire us to approach our pursuits with dedication and a deep respect for the world around us.