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Jesse Itzler

Jesse Itzler is an American entrepreneur, author, and former rapper, known for his dynamic and unconventional career path. Born on August 22, 1968, in Roslyn, New York, he graduated from American University with a degree in Justice, Law, and Society. Itzler first made a mark in the entertainment industry as a rapper, releasing an album under the alias Jesse James. He then co-founded Marquis Jet, a private jet card company, which he later sold to Berkshire Hathaway's NetJets. Itzler is also the co-founder of Zico Coconut Water, which was acquired by The Coca-Cola Company, showcasing his knack for successful entrepreneurial ventures. He authored "Living with a SEAL" and "Living with the Monks," books where he narrates his experiences of inviting extraordinary individuals into his life for personal growth. His unique approach to life, focusing on extreme challenges and experiences, reflects in his diverse career and personal endeavors. Married to Spanx founder Sara Blakely, Itzler is also known for his philanthropic efforts, particularly in education and health.

Books Mentioned on The Joe Rogan Experience (JRE) Jesse Itzler #1127

Living with a SEAL: 31 Days Training with the Toughest Man on the Planet by Jesse Itzler

Living with the Monks: What Turning Off My Phone Taught Me about Happiness, Gratitude, and Focus by Jesse Itzler

The Art of Raising a Puppy by Monks of New Skete

Fit For Life by Harvey & Marilyn Diamond

Jesse Itzler's Transformative Month with David Goggins: Insights from Joe Rogan's Podcast

Jesse Itzler’s experience living with David Goggins, a former Navy SEAL and ultra-endurance athlete, provides a fascinating glimpse into extreme personal development. This narrative, recounted on Joe Rogan’s podcast, showcases how Goggins’ unique methods pushed Itzler beyond his limits, offering valuable life lessons.

The Pull-Up Challenge

Itzler’s journey began with an intense physical challenge. Goggins tasked him with completing 100 pull-ups in a day, despite Itzler’s initial struggle to do even eight. This exercise wasn’t just about physical strength; it was a lesson in overcoming self-imposed limitations.

Braving the Elements

One memorable episode involved running ten miles in a blizzard and then plunging into a frozen lake. These extreme conditions were not just for physical endurance but also to test mental resilience. Itzler’s wife, witnessing these events, questioned the medical benefits, to which Goggins replied that the exercises were designed to push Itzler’s boundaries.

Consistency and Commitment

For Itzler, the most challenging aspect was not a single event but the relentless, daily grind. Goggins shadowed him for 30 days, joining him in every aspect of life, from business meetings to family time. This constant presence served as a reminder of the commitment to growth and the importance of consistency.

Learning from Extreme Experiences

Itzler reflects on the many lessons learned from living with Goggins. From enduring a sauna challenge to spontaneous burpee tests at work, each experience was a lesson in pushing past comfort zones. Itzler realized that personal growth often comes from unexpected and challenging experiences.


Jesse Itzler’s month with David Goggins, as recounted on Joe Rogan’s podcast, offers an extraordinary example of transformative personal development. It highlights the power of mental fortitude, the value of stepping out of comfort zones, and the profound impact of consistent, challenging experiences on personal growth.

Embracing Monastic Life: Jesse Itzler's 15-Day Journey with Joe Rogan

Jesse Itzler’s experience living with monks for 15 days is a captivating tale of self-discovery and spiritual exploration. His journey, discussed in detail during a conversation with Joe Rogan, reveals profound insights into the impact of such an experience on one’s physical and mental state.

The Decision to Live with Monks

Itzler, known for his adventurous spirit and unique life experiences, chose to live with monks as a way to invest in his inner work. Despite his active lifestyle and physical accomplishments like running 100 miles, he felt a need to explore and understand his inner self more deeply. This decision led him to a monastery in upstate New York, where he embarked on a 15-day journey of reflection and meditation.

Initial Challenges and Adjustments

Upon arrival, Itzler faced the stark reality of monastic life. He was assigned a small room, akin to a cell, with minimal furnishings and no distractions. The monks’ lifestyle, focused on prayer, reflection, and meditation, was a drastic change from his usual routine. Itzler struggled initially, especially with the concept of spending long periods in thought and meditation, finding the experience overwhelming and time seemingly slowing down.

Insights from Monastic Life

Throughout his stay, Itzler gained valuable insights from the monks and their way of life. He observed their deep sense of purpose, happiness, and presence, devoid of worldly distractions and to-do lists. The monks were content and fulfilled, living a life of discipline, including vows of celibacy, poverty, obedience, and stability.

The Monks' Unique Livelihood

Interestingly, the monastery sustained itself financially through breeding and training German Shepherds. This entrepreneurial aspect of the monks’ life was fascinating to Itzler, showing their ability to balance spiritual pursuits with practical necessities.

Lessons in Focus and Discipline

Itzler learned valuable lessons about focus and discipline from both the monks and their training of the dogs. He participated in various activities, including acting as a distractor in dog training sessions, which taught him about staying focused on goals amidst distractions, akin to life’s challenges.

Personal Growth and Reflection

As his stay progressed, Itzler found himself settling into the monastic routine, appreciating the removal of daily decisions and distractions. This newfound clarity and energy allowed him to reflect deeply on his life, values, and goals.

Conclusion: The Impact of Monastic Living

Jesse Itzler’s experience living with monks offers a unique perspective on the power of simplicity, focus, and inner reflection. His journey, shared with Joe Rogan, highlights the transformative potential of stepping away from the chaos of everyday life and immersing oneself in a disciplined, contemplative environment. This experience not only provided Itzler with personal growth but also offers valuable insights for anyone seeking a deeper understanding of themselves and the world around them.

JRE Podcast: Joe Rogan and Jesse Itzler on "Enjoying the Process"

In a riveting conversation on the Joe Rogan Experience, Jesse Itzler, entrepreneur and author, shares his journey with host Joe Rogan. The discussion, centered around embracing life’s journey and the pitfalls of early success, offers insightful perspectives on personal growth and the importance of enjoying the process of life.

Overcoming Adversity and Embracing Youth

Itzler recounts his early struggles, including being dropped from a record label and facing homelessness. His chance encounter with a girl at a bachelor party led to an unexpected living arrangement and a connection to her father, a successful entrepreneur and part-owner of the New York Yankees. This meeting proved pivotal, teaching Itzler the value of youth and the journey over the destination. The entrepreneur’s advice, valuing youth over material success, left a lasting impression on Itzler, emphasizing the significance of embracing life’s journey.

Navigating the Music Industry and Entrepreneurial Ventures

Itzler’s narrative takes a turn as he delves into his ventures in the music industry, including writing a hit song for the New York Knicks. Faced with a challenging decision to give up 10% of his life’s earnings for necessary funding, Itzler sought advice from the entrepreneur he was living with. Choosing to reject the offer and trust in his abilities, Itzler successfully secured funding for his project, which eventually led to the sale of his business to a public company. This experience highlighted the exploitative nature of the music industry and the importance of self-belief in entrepreneurial success.

Reflections on the Process and Life Lessons

Throughout the conversation, Itzler reflects on the importance of enjoying the process and the journey of life. His experiences, from near homelessness to successful business ventures, underscore the value of perseverance, self-trust, and the joy found in life’s journey. Rogan and Itzler discuss the predatory nature of business contracts and the importance of maintaining control over one’s creative and professional life.


Jesse Itzler’s conversation with Joe Rogan serves as an inspiring narrative about embracing the process of life, overcoming challenges, and valuing personal growth over material success. Itzler’s journey from a struggling artist to a successful entrepreneur encapsulates the essence of resilience and the beauty of life’s unpredictable journey.