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Ben Greenfield

Ben Greenfield is a renowned figure in the world of health, fitness, and biohacking. With a multifaceted career that spans authorship, podcasting, coaching, and athletic performance, he has carved a niche as a leading expert in optimizing human potential. Ben is the author of multiple books, including "Boundless" and "The Low Carb Athlete," which delve into cutting-edge wellness strategies. As the host of the popular "Ben Greenfield Fitness" podcast, he imparts knowledge on nutrition, exercise, and innovative health practices to his dedicated audience. His credentials also include a Bachelor's degree in Sports Science and Exercise Physiology, and he's recognized for his prowess in endurance sports, having achieved remarkable feats in triathlons and obstacle course racing. Beyond his athletic endeavors, Ben is a sought-after consultant, helping individuals and organizations attain peak performance and well-being. His holistic approach to health and fitness has made him a prominent authority in the field, inspiring countless individuals to lead healthier, more vibrant lives.

The Joe Rogan Experience #1069: Ben Greenfield


In episode #1069 of the Joe Rogan Experience, Joe Rogan invites Ben Greenfield, a unique and knowledgeable figure in the realms of biohacking, nutrition, exercise, and holistic wellness. This podcast delves into various intriguing topics, ranging from Greenfield’s off-the-grid lifestyle to cutting-edge health and fitness practices.

Off-the-Grid Living and Biohacking

Ben Greenfield’s lifestyle is fascinating, as he resides off-the-grid near Spokane. His home employs solar panels and battery storage, ensuring a sustainable and autonomous living situation. This setting represents Greenfield’s deep commitment to a holistic lifestyle, which is not just about health and fitness but extends to his living environment.

Innovative Health Practices

Greenfield is known for his experimental approach to health, often diving into unconventional methods to enhance wellness. He discusses structured water and its potential health benefits, explaining how it might improve hydration at a cellular level. Greenfield’s approach to water purification and structuring, inspired by research on water’s behavior in plants, highlights his dedication to exploring new wellness avenues.

Nutrition and Supplements

Diet and nutrition form a crucial part of Greenfield’s health regime. He emphasizes the importance of salt in the diet, debunking common myths about its negative effects. Greenfield shares his experiences with various supplements and diets, including the use of trace liquid minerals and Himalayan salt to replenish essential nutrients.

Fitness and Training Insights

Greenfield’s approach to fitness is as unconventional as his living style. He discusses the importance of heart rate variability (HRV) in training and recovery, showcasing his deep understanding of the body’s response to exercise. He also delves into his experimentation with different workout methods, including the use of isometric training for strength and endurance.

Exploring Health, Nutrition, and Fitness with Ben Greenfield on The Joe Rogan Experience #1069

Advanced Nutrition and Diet Techniques

In the second segment of the Joe Rogan Experience #1069, Ben Greenfield shares his deep insights into advanced nutrition and diet techniques. He discusses the intricacies of high-fat, low-carb diets and their long-term effects on the body, including inflammatory markers and gut microbiome health. Greenfield emphasizes the significance of incorporating carbohydrates strategically, especially in the evening, to enhance insulin sensitivity and fuel workouts.

Balancing Diet for Athletic Performance

Greenfield elaborates on his personal dietary approach, blending low-carb intake with well-timed carb consumption to optimize his athletic performance. He stresses the importance of choosing the right time of day for carb intake, highlighting how this impacts the body’s energy utilization and fat-burning capabilities.

Physical Fitness and Training Methods

Ben Greenfield, known for his experimental and research-backed approach to fitness, discusses the nuances of various training methods. He delves into the science of heart rate variability (HRV) for assessing training and recovery, and the advantages of isometric training for building strength and endurance.

The Science Behind Training and Recovery

Greenfield offers a scientific perspective on training, touching on studies and personal experiences related to endurance sports and high-intensity workouts. His approach to fitness is not just about exercise routines but also involves a deep understanding of how the body responds and adapts to different types of physical stress.

Ben Greenfield on The Joe Rogan Experience #1069: Pushing the Limits of Health and Fitness

Advanced Health and Performance Strategies

In the final third of The Joe Rogan Experience #1069, Ben Greenfield and Joe Rogan delve into sophisticated health and performance strategies. Greenfield discusses the integration of high-fat diets with strategic carbohydrate intake to optimize athletic performance. He shares insights on how timing and type of carbohydrates consumed can significantly impact energy levels and recovery.

Tailoring Diet for Athletic Performance

Greenfield elaborates on personalizing diet plans for athletes, focusing on the importance of macronutrient timing and quality. He also sheds light on the complex relationship between diet, exercise, and key health markers like blood glucose and insulin sensitivity.

Exploration of Biohacking Techniques

The conversation shifts to exploring various biohacking techniques. Greenfield talks about the science of heart rate variability (HRV) in training, the use of isometric training, and the potential benefits of structured water for enhanced hydration.

Holistic Approach to Fitness

Highlighting his holistic approach, Greenfield discusses the integration of natural supplements, the importance of gut microbiome health, and the use of innovative fitness methodologies. His approach underscores the importance of a well-rounded fitness routine that goes beyond conventional training.


The episode closes with a rich discussion on the intersection of health, nutrition, and advanced fitness techniques. Greenfield’s expertise in biohacking and holistic wellness provides a deep dive into the complexities of optimizing health and performance. His insights into tailoring diets, understanding the science behind training, and exploring new fitness horizons offer valuable knowledge for those looking to push the limits of their health and fitness.