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Mick West

Mick West is a prominent figure in the fields of science communication and skepticism. With a passion for debunking myths and pseudoscience, Mick has dedicated his career to promoting critical thinking and rational inquiry. He gained recognition through his website,, where he skillfully dissects and debunks various conspiracy theories and claims, shedding light on the truth behind them. Mick's background in video game development, including his work on popular titles like Tony Hawk's Pro Skater, has given him a unique perspective on visual effects and the art of deception. This knowledge has been instrumental in his efforts to demystify UFO sightings, chemtrails, and other paranormal phenomena. As an author, Mick West has written books such as "Escaping the Rabbit Hole," providing readers with the tools to navigate the confusing world of conspiracy theories and pseudoscience. His tireless dedication to rational discourse continues to make him a respected voice in the realm of skepticism and science communication.

Joe Rogan Experience #1052 with Mick West

In the first third of the podcast episode #1052 of the Joe Rogan Experience, Joe Rogan delves into a captivating discussion with Mick West. Their conversation is a deep dive into the world of conspiracy theories, particularly focusing on Chemtrails and other theories related to government actions and secrets.

Debunking Chemtrails

The segment starts with Joe and Mick discussing chemtrails, a popular conspiracy theory suggesting that the visible trails left by aircraft are chemical or biological agents deliberately sprayed for unknown purposes. Mick West, known for his scientific approach to conspiracy theories, explains the scientific basis behind the formation of these trails. Contrails, as they are correctly called, are formed due to the water vapor in the aircraft’s exhaust condensing and freezing at high altitudes, debunking the myth of harmful chemicals being sprayed in the sky.

The Psychology Behind Conspiracy Theories

Mick moves on to analyze why people are so attracted to conspiracy theories. He talks about his upcoming book, “Escaping the Rabbit Hole,” and discusses how ordinary people can get sucked into the world of conspiracy theories through simple exposure, like watching a series of related videos on platforms like YouTube. This phenomenon is often amplified by algorithms that suggest similar content, reinforcing the viewer’s beliefs.

The Role of Social Media and Confirmation Bias

Joe and Mick touch on the role of social media platforms and their algorithms in promoting conspiracy theories. They explain how platforms often create an echo chamber, presenting users with content that aligns with their previous searches and views, which inadvertently leads to confirmation bias. This can result in a one-sided view of complex topics, making users more susceptible to believing and spreading misinformation.

Conspiracy Theories as a Distraction

Mick West emphasizes that the real issue with conspiracy theories is that they often distract people from real and pressing issues. He argues that while people focus on debunked or unproven theories, they might overlook actual events or actions taken by governments or corporations that require public attention and scrutiny.

Joe Rogan Experience #1052 with Mick West: Exploring the Intricacies of Human Perception and AI

In the second third of the podcast episode #1052, Joe Rogan and Mick West continue their deep-dive into a myriad of topics, including the human mind’s susceptibility to conspiracy theories, the psychological effects of diseases, and the profound implications of advancements in artificial intelligence (AI).

The Human Mind and Its Susceptibility

The discussion takes an intriguing turn as Joe and Mick explore the human mind’s susceptibility to misinformation and conspiracy theories. They touch upon the controversial Morgellons disease and its potential link to chronic Lyme disease, highlighting the human tendency to self-diagnose based on limited information. This segment emphasizes the importance of critical thinking and the need for scientific validation in understanding such complex medical conditions.

Artificial Intelligence and Its Boundaries

AI’s rapid advancement forms a significant part of the conversation. Mick West expresses his concern over the unchecked growth of AI and the potential risks associated with it. He shares insights into the current state of AI, including generative adversarial networks, where two AI systems teach each other, leading to rapid and often unpredictable advancements. The discussion also delves into the ethical and societal implications of AI, especially in content creation and social media manipulation.

The Future of Human Interaction with AI

Joe and Mick speculate on the future of AI, contemplating scenarios where AI could replicate human interactions so convincingly that distinguishing between AI and human becomes nearly impossible. They discuss the Turing test, a measure of a machine’s ability to exhibit intelligent behavior equivalent to or indistinguishable from that of a human. The conversation also highlights the potential for AI to influence political opinions and elections, underscoring the urgent need for a comprehensive understanding and regulation of AI technologies.

Joe Rogan Experience #1052 with Mick West: A Dive into the Complexities of Perception, Artificial Intelligence, and Future Societies

In the final segment of the Joe Rogan Experience #1052, Joe Rogan and Mick West engage in a profound exploration of human perception, the potential and pitfalls of Artificial Intelligence (AI), and speculative societal changes.

Perception, AI, and the Boundaries of Human Understanding

Mick West brings to the forefront the complexities surrounding human perception, especially in relation to controversial topics like conspiracy theories. They discuss the intricacies of AI, highlighting the rapid advancements and the ethical dilemmas they pose. The conversation veers into the realm of how AI might shape future societies, touching upon the Turing test and the notion of AI surpassing human intelligence.

The Future: AI and Society

The dialogue delves into speculative futures, discussing the potential of AI in transforming human interaction and the societal structure. The duo entertains various scenarios, including AI replicating human interactions convincingly and influencing political opinions. They ponder the future of human interaction with AI, speculating on scenarios where AI could replicate human interactions so convincingly that differentiating between AI and human becomes nearly impossible.


In wrapping up, Joe Rogan and Mick West’s conversation traverses through the convoluted pathways of human cognition, the rapid evolution of AI, and speculative societal shifts. The segment offers a nuanced perspective on the potential of AI and its profound implications on society, urging a cautious and ethical approach to AI development and deployment.