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Colin Moriarty

Colin Moriarty is a prominent figure in the world of gaming and content creation. With a passion for video games and a sharp wit, he has carved out a niche as a respected commentator, podcaster, and writer. Born on August 31, 1984, in Long Island, New York, Colin's journey in the gaming industry began at IGN, where he served as an editor and co-hosted the popular podcast, "Podcast Beyond." He later co-founded Kinda Funny, a multimedia company dedicated to gaming and nerd culture. Colin is known for his insightful and often outspoken opinions on gaming and politics, as well as his love for history and philosophy. His no-nonsense approach to discussions and unwavering commitment to authenticity have earned him a dedicated following. Beyond gaming, Colin is a prolific writer and author, contributing articles and essays to various publications. He continues to engage and inspire the gaming community through his podcasts, videos, and thought-provoking content.

The Joe Rogan Experience (JRE) #1032 with Colin Moriarty: A Dive into Modern Issues and Technology

“The Joe Rogan Experience,” a renowned podcast, welcomed Colin Moriarty, a notable figure in the gaming industry and a political commentator, for its 1032nd episode. In this segment, we explore the first third of their conversation, focusing on various modern issues, technology, and how these elements intertwine with society.

The Evolution of Media and Technology

Joe Rogan and Colin Moriarty delve into the changes in media consumption, especially the transition from traditional forms like television to more modern, interactive platforms like podcasts. They discuss the limitations of older media formats, where time constraints and editing often hindered the full expression of ideas. In contrast, podcasts offer a more authentic and detailed exploration of topics, attracting audiences seeking depth and authenticity.

The Impact of Social Media

The discussion shifts to the influence of social media on public discourse. Rogan and Moriarty express concerns about the addictive nature of social media platforms and the psychological impacts of constant connectivity. They explore how these platforms can manipulate perceptions and create echo chambers, leading to a more polarized society.

The Education System and Free Speech

A significant portion of their conversation revolves around the state of the American education system, particularly higher education. They criticize the suppression of free speech on college campuses, noting a worrying trend towards censorship and thought policing. Moriarty, drawing on his experiences, argues for the importance of exposing students to diverse perspectives and encouraging critical thinking.

The Role of Capitalism in Innovation

Rogan and Moriarty also touch on capitalism’s role in driving innovation, particularly in the tech industry. They acknowledge its shortcomings but argue that the competition fostered by a capitalist system has led to significant technological advancements, benefiting society at large.

The Joe Rogan Experience (JRE) #1032 with Colin Moriarty: Navigating the Complexities of Society and Technology

Continuing from where we left off in the first part of the podcast, Joe Rogan and Colin Moriarty delve deeper into the influence of various media platforms on public discourse. They express concerns about the addictive nature of social media and the psychological impacts of constant connectivity. Their conversation highlights the manipulation of perceptions through social media, leading to polarized societies.

Education and Thought Policing

A major focus of this segment is the state of the American education system. Rogan and Moriarty discuss the concerning trend of suppressing free speech on college campuses. They argue for the need to expose students to diverse perspectives and foster an environment that encourages critical thinking.

Capitalism and Technological Advancement

The conversation touches upon the role of capitalism in driving technological innovation. While acknowledging its shortcomings, Rogan and Moriarty argue that the competitive nature of a capitalist system has led to significant advancements in technology, benefiting society as a whole.

The Complexity of Contemporary World Issues

Rogan and Moriarty’s discussion is a mosaic of modern societal complexities. From media evolution to the challenges of social media, and the intricacies of the education system, their dialogue offers a comprehensive look at the interplay between technology, society, and individual freedoms.

The Joe Rogan Experience (JRE) #1032 with Colin Moriarty: Exploring Society’s Nuances and Challenges

In the final part of this insightful episode, Joe Rogan and Colin Moriarty continue their exploration of societal issues, particularly focusing on the evolution of communication and media. They discuss the shift in media from television to podcasts and the internet, emphasizing the importance of long-form communication in today’s fast-paced world. This part of the conversation delves into how the digital era has transformed the way we consume and interact with information.

The Role of Education and Free Speech

The conversation moves towards the role of education in society, with Rogan and Moriarty criticizing the suppression of free speech in academic settings. They express concern over the current state of the American education system and the diminishing value of diverse perspectives and critical thinking on college campuses.

The Impact of Capitalism and Technological Innovation

A significant portion of the discussion revolves around capitalism and its impact on technological innovation. They acknowledge the role of capitalism in driving advancements in technology, citing examples from the tech industry and how competition fosters innovation, leading to societal benefits.

The Complexity of Modern Issues

Rogan and Moriarty’s discussion in this final part paints a vivid picture of the complexities surrounding modern issues like social media influence, the state of education, and the nuances of capitalism. Their dialogue invites listeners to consider the multifaceted nature of these issues and the importance of maintaining individual freedoms amid societal challenges.


The concluding part of the podcast with Colin Moriarty offers a deep dive into the impacts of media evolution, the challenges in education, and the role of capitalism in our society. Their conversation serves as a reminder of the importance of preserving individual freedoms and encouraging diverse perspectives in the face of societal and technological changes.