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Brendan Schaub

Brendan Schaub is a multifaceted talent known for his remarkable journey from professional mixed martial artist to successful comedian, podcast host, and commentator. Born on March 18, 1983, in Aurora, Colorado, Schaub's athletic prowess led him to a promising career in the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship), where he competed as a heavyweight fighter. After retiring from MMA, Schaub transitioned into the world of comedy, displaying his sharp wit and charisma on stage. He quickly gained recognition for his stand-up comedy, captivating audiences with his unique blend of humor and storytelling. Additionally, Schaub co-hosts "The Fighter and The Kid" podcast alongside Bryan Callen, offering an entertaining mix of comedy, sports, and pop culture commentary. His infectious personality and insightful conversations have garnered a dedicated fan base. Brendan Schaub's career evolution showcases his versatility and determination to conquer new arenas, making him a notable figure in both the worlds of sports and entertainment.

The Joe Rogan Experience (JRE) #1012: Brendan Schaub – A Deep Dive into UFC and Beyond

The Joe Rogan Experience podcast #1012 features Brendan Schaub, a former UFC fighter and a regular guest on the show. The conversation, as expected with Rogan and Schaub, quickly dives into various topics ranging from UFC fights to more humorous and casual discussions. This article covers the first third of their extensive dialogue, highlighting the major points and interesting tidbits from their exchange.

UFC and Fighting Insights

A significant portion of the conversation revolves around recent and upcoming UFC fights, showcasing both Rogan’s and Schaub’s deep knowledge and passion for mixed martial arts. They discuss specific fighters and matches, offering insights that only insiders like them could provide. The discussion about fighters like Gennady Golovkin and David Branch, and their respective styles and strategies, is both enlightening and engaging for fight fans.

Humorous Anecdotes and Light-hearted Banter

As is typical with Joe Rogan’s podcasts, the conversation is not strictly confined to serious topics. Rogan and Schaub share hilarious anecdotes, often veering off into tangents that are seemingly unrelated but immensely entertaining. For instance, their exchange about Schaub’s experience driving a three-wheeled vehicle called the Slingshot leads to a series of amusing observations and comments, highlighting their ability to shift seamlessly from serious discussions to light-hearted banter.

Technology and Its Impact

Interestingly, the podcast touches upon the impact of technology in various spheres, including sports. Rogan and Schaub discuss how advancements in technology, like the use of helmets in motorcycling, have transformed safety standards and regulations. This part of the conversation provides a thought-provoking look at how technological advancements intertwine with everyday activities and professional sports.

The Joe Rogan Experience (JRE) #1012: Brendan Schaub – Exploring Cultural Impact and Social Media

In the second third of Joe Rogan Experience #1012, Joe Rogan and Brendan Schaub shift their conversation towards a broader cultural commentary, touching on various societal issues and the role of social media. The discussion meanders through various topics, reflecting the hosts’ wide range of interests and insights.

The Influence of Social Media and Technology

Rogan and Schaub delve into the intricacies of social media’s impact on society, exploring how platforms like Facebook and Twitter shape public opinion and behavior. They discuss the ethical implications of targeted advertising and algorithmic manipulation, illustrating how technology can have unintended consequences.

Celebrity Culture and Body Image

A significant part of the discussion focuses on celebrity culture, specifically the Kardashians, and its influence on body image and societal standards. Rogan and Schaub express concern over the unrealistic beauty standards set by celebrities, particularly how they affect young women’s self-perception. The conversation highlights the dangers of excessive plastic surgery and the need for more realistic and healthy body images in the media.

Athletes and Steroid Use

The podcast also touches on the sensitive issue of steroid use among athletes. Rogan and Schaub explore the complexities surrounding performance-enhancing drugs in sports, discussing the implications for athletes’ health and the integrity of sports. They express concern over the long-term effects of such substances and the pressure on athletes to perform at high levels.

The Joe Rogan Experience (JRE) #1012: Brendan Schaub – Delving into Life’s Oddities and Boxing Predictions

In the final third of The Joe Rogan Experience #1012, Joe Rogan and Brendan Schaub shift from earlier topics to a more eclectic mix of discussions, encompassing life’s oddities, personal anecdotes, and casual observations. Their banter, a signature element of the show, takes listeners on a journey through various subjects with a blend of humor and insight.

Diverse Topics and Hilarious Anecdotes

The conversation ranges widely, touching on topics as varied as the peculiarities of body modifications, the impact of technology on daily life, and the absurdities of social media trends. Schaub and Rogan share humorous anecdotes, including personal stories and observations about societal behaviors, which not only entertain but also provoke thought about the quirks of modern life.

Boxing and Sports Commentary

A significant portion of their discussion focuses on the world of sports, particularly boxing. Rogan and Schaub provide their predictions and insights into upcoming matches, showcasing their deep knowledge and passion for the sport. Their conversation includes predictions for high-profile fights, offering listeners a glimpse into the expert analysis and behind-the-scenes aspects of boxing.


The final part of The Joe Rogan Experience #1012 with Brendan Schaub offers a fascinating mix of humor, personal stories, and sports analysis. Rogan and Schaub’s dynamic conversation provides an entertaining and insightful look into a range of topics, reflecting their diverse interests and expertise. This episode exemplifies the unique appeal of the podcast – a blend of informative discussion, personal anecdotes, and engaging banter.