The intellectual relationship between Jordan Peterson and Rex Murphy has captured the interest of many, as both Canadian thinkers have made significant contributions to public discourse. As prominent figures in their respective fields, their partnership has attracted attention from both fans and critics alike. This article will delve into their relationship, focusing on their collaborations, shared values, and influence on each other’s work. By understanding the intricacies of the Jordan Peterson Rex Murphy partnership, we can better appreciate the impact they’ve had on modern intellectual discourse.

Jordan Peterson Rex Murphy

Jordan Peterson and Rex Murphy: Background

Before diving into their relationship, it’s essential to understand the background of both Jordan Peterson and Rex Murphy.

Jordan Peterson is a clinical psychologist, professor, and public intellectual. He rose to prominence through his work as a professor at the University of Toronto and his bestselling book, “12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos.” Peterson is known for his unique perspective on cultural and political issues, often advocating for free speech and personal responsibility.

Rex Murphy is a Canadian commentator, author, and former CBC radio host. He is known for his insightful and thought-provoking commentary on Canadian politics and culture, as well as his wit and engaging writing style. Murphy’s

The Meeting of Minds: Initial Collaborations

The Jordan Peterson Rex Murphy partnership began with a mutual appreciation for each other’s work. As prominent Canadian intellectuals, they found common ground in their views on free speech, political correctness, and the importance of individual responsibility. Their first public collaboration took place in 2018, during an event organized by the Aurea Foundation, which aimed to promote open discourse on controversial topics.

During this event, Peterson and Murphy discussed issues surrounding political correctness, identity politics, and the state of free speech in Canadian society. The conversation was well-received, and their intellectual chemistry was evident. This collaboration marked the beginning of a fruitful partnership that would continue to evolve over the years.

Shared Values and Ideological Overlap

The Jordan Peterson Rex Murphy relationship is anchored in several shared values and ideas that have helped shape their partnership. Some of these commonalities include:

Free Speech and Political Correctness

Both Peterson and Murphy are staunch advocates of free speech and have criticized the growing trend of political correctness in contemporary society. They argue that limiting speech in the name of protecting feelings stifles productive discussion and hampers the pursuit of truth.

Individual Responsibility

Peterson and Murphy share a belief in the importance of individual responsibility and personal growth. They emphasize the need for individuals to take charge of their own lives and overcome obstacles through self-reflection and self-improvement. This core belief is central to Peterson’s work, particularly in his book “12 Rules for Life,” and is echoed in Murphy’s commentary on various societal issues.

Criticism of Identity Politics

Both intellectuals have expressed concerns about the rise of identity politics, which they believe can lead to division and hostility among different groups. They argue that focusing on group identity can obscure the importance of individuality and personal responsibility.

Collaborations and Joint Appearances

Since their initial collaboration, Jordan Peterson and Rex Murphy have worked together on various occasions, often engaging in panel discussions or interviews. Some of their most notable joint appearances include:

The Agenda with Steve Paikin In 2018, Peterson and Murphy appeared together on TVO’s “The Agenda with Steve Paikin,” discussing the state of free speech and political correctness in Canada. The conversation provided viewers with an in-depth analysis of these issues from two of Canada’s most respected thinkers.

Podcast Appearances Peterson and Murphy have appeared together on multiple podcasts, where they continue to discuss critical issues surrounding politics, culture, and society. These conversations have helped broaden the reach of their ideas and fostered a growing audience for their intellectual partnership.

Live Debates and Discussions The Jordan Peterson Rex Murphy partnership has also extended to live debates and discussions, where they often engage with opposing viewpoints and share their perspectives on various issues. These events have attracted large audiences and have served to further solidify their intellectual alliance.

Influence on Each Other's Work

The partnership between Jordan Peterson and Rex Murphy has had a profound influence on each other’s work. They often reference each other’s ideas and writings, building upon their shared values and perspectives.

Jordan Peterson’s Influence on Rex Murphy Peterson’s work on personal responsibility and self-improvement has resonated with Murphy, who often cites these concepts in his own commentary. Additionally, Peterson’s critique of political correctness and identity politics has reinforced Murphy’s own views on these issues, resulting in a more robust and cohesive argument.

Rex Murphy’s Influence on Jordan Peterson In turn, Murphy’s astute observations on Canadian culture and politics have provided Peterson with a broader context for his ideas. Murphy’s wit and engaging writing style have also influenced Peterson’s own communication, making his work more accessible to a wider audience.


The Jordan Peterson Rex Murphy partnership has proven to be an influential and dynamic intellectual alliance. Through their collaborations, shared values, and mutual influence, they have enriched each other’s work and contributed to the broader public discourse on critical cultural, political, and social issues.