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Susanna Soberg

Dr. Susanna Søberg, with a Ph.D. in metabolism, has dedicated her career to the convergence of science and health. Through her comprehensive research, she identified the optimal timing of cold and heat exposure that bestows health benefits—manifesting in the now widely adopted guidelines of 11 minutes of cold and 57 minutes of heat per week. As the visionary founder of The Soeberg Institute, The Thermalist Cure™, and the globally recognized Søberg Principle (endorsed by Stanford University's Dr. Andrew Huberman), Dr. Søberg has set forth a scientifically grounded protocol that transcends traditional therapy practices.

Deliberate Cold and Heat Exposure: Enhancing Human Metabolism

In this informative session, Dr. Søberg, who completed her research at the University of Copenhagen, Denmark, shares groundbreaking insights into how deliberate cold and heat exposure can significantly enhance human metabolism. She is celebrated for her pioneering study which identified the minimum thresholds for deliberate heat and cold exposure necessary to increase brown fat thermogenesis. This process is crucial for boosting heat production and metabolism in the body, offering a new perspective on managing health outside the laboratory.

The Physiology of Cold and Heat on Human Health

The podcast sheds light on the multifaceted role of cold and heat in altering various aspects of the body’s physiology. It isn’t just about metabolism; the discussion extends to hormone health and the changes in neurotransmitters such as dopamine and epinephrine. Dr. Søberg elucidates the complex impact of deliberate cold and heat exposure on mood and metabolism, answering common queries about the difference between cold showers, full-body cold immersion, and the effects of alternating between heat and cold.

Scientific Insights and Practical Protocols

Dr. Søberg doesn’t just stop at theoretical knowledge. She delves into actionable protocols derived from her research, allowing individuals to apply these insights safely and effectively. Her book, “Winter Swimming,” breaks down various aspects of deliberate heat and cold exposure into comprehensible segments, offering a guide for anyone interested in adopting these practices.

The Podcast’s Unique Contribution to Science and Well-being

This episode stands out as it brings zero-cost, consumer-friendly information about groundbreaking science to the general public. It aligns with Dr. Huberman’s mission to disseminate scientific knowledge widely. The discussion is not just an academic discourse but a practical guide filled with scientific rigor and real-life applicability.


The podcast offers a fascinating glimpse into how temperature exposure can be a powerful tool for health and performance enhancement. It encourages listeners to reconsider their relationship with the elements and understand the profound impact deliberate cold and heat exposure can have on their well-being. As we explore these scientific frontiers, we open new doors to understanding and optimizing human health.

For those intrigued by the science and potential benefits of temperature regulation on health, this podcast episode with Dr. Susanna Søberg is an invaluable resource, offering insights and practical advice from one of the leading experts in the field.