Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History Show 59 – (Blitz) Destroyer Of Worlds

Episode Description: What happens if human beings can’t handle the power of their own weaponry? This show examines the dangerous early years of the Nuclear Age and humankind’s efforts to avoid self-destruction at the hands of its own creation.

Hardcore History: Hardcore History is Carlin’s forum for exploring topics throughout world history. The focus of each episode varies widely from show to show but they are generally centered on specific historical events and are discussed in a “theater of the mind” style. New episodes are released approximately every four to seven months. Hardcore History, which has millions of downloads per episode, received over 350,000 downloads in a 24-hour period on May 6, 2015. It was nominated in 2012 for a Stitcher Award in the Best Educational & Learning Podcast category. 

Book Mentioned in Hardcore History Show 59 - (Blitz) Destroyer Of Worlds:

Book Title: Bomb Power – The Modern Presidency And The National Security State

Author: Garry Wills

Book Title: Nagasaki: Life After Nuclear War

Author: Susan Southard

Book Title: To Win A Nuclear War – The Pentagon’s Secret War Plans

Author: Michio Kaku, Daniel Axelrod

Book Title: The Culture Of The Cold War

Author: Stephen J. Whitfield

Book Title: Prisoner’s Dilemma – John von Neumann, Game Theory, and the Puzzle of the Bomb

Author: William Poundstone

Book Title: Ike’s Bluff – President Eisenhower’s Secret Battle To Save The World

Author: Evan Thomas

Book Title: Stalin And The Bomb

Author: David Holloway

Book Title: Inside The Kremlin’s Cold War – From Stalin to Khrushchev

Author: Vladislav Zubok, Constantine Pleshakov

Book Title: The Guns Of August – The Outbreak Of World War I

Author: Barbara W. Tuchman

Book Title: An Unfinished Life: John F. Kennedy 1917 – 1963

Author: Robert Dallek