Impaulsive is one of the most popular podcasts in the world, hosted by Logan Paul and Mike Majlak. The show has gained a massive following due to its unique blend of humor, entertainment, and thought-provoking discussions. With over 250 episodes, there are plenty of memorable moments to choose from, but some episodes stand out for their hilarious content.

Funniest Impaulsive Episodes

One of the most popular aspects of Impaulsive is the hosts' ability to make their guests feel comfortable enough to share their most intimate and embarrassing stories. Episodes featuring guests like Lele Pons, Jordan Belfort, and The Miz have provided some of the funniest moments in the show's history. In fact, some of the most entertaining episodes involve the hosts and guests sharing their wildest and most ridiculous stories.

Whether you're a die-hard fan of Impaulsive or a newcomer to the podcast, there are plenty of episodes that are guaranteed to make you laugh out loud. From outrageous stories to hilarious pranks, the show never fails to entertain. In this article, we'll take a closer look at some of the funniest Impaulsive episodes and highlight the moments that had audiences in stitches.

Impaulsive's Most Hilarious Episodes

Funniest Impaulsive Episodes

Impaulsive has had many episodes that have kept its audience laughing. From Logan Paul's jokes to the interesting guests, there are plenty of moments that stand out as particularly funny. Here are some of the most hilarious episodes of Impaulsive:

  • Episode 204: Why Is Bryce Hall Afraid To Date Addison Rae? - This episode features Venezuelan queen Lele Pons who shares the funniest hookup story in IMPAULSIVE history, how she got kidnapped when she was 5 years old, why she gave up dating white guys, if she still has a crush on Logan & when it's okay to cheat.

  • Episode 300: Our 300th And Worst Episode Ever - In this episode, the boys celebrate IMPAULSIVE'S 300th episode, went floating in ZERO gravity, Logan caught an armed intruder in his house, and they reminisced on some of their favorite moments from the show.

  • Episode 295: Logan Paul Goes To Jail - This episode features Logan Paul's experience in jail and how he was able to get out. The boys also discuss their thoughts on the current state of the justice system and how it can be improved.

  • Episode 290: OnlyFans Model Lana Rhoades - This episode features Lana Rhoades, an OnlyFans model and former adult film actress. She talks about her experience in the industry and how she transitioned to OnlyFans. The boys also discuss their thoughts on the platform and its impact on society.

  • Episode 246: Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul Recap - In this episode, the boys discuss Logan Paul's fight against Floyd Mayweather and their thoughts on the outcome. They also touch on the controversy surrounding the fight and what it means for Logan's future in boxing.

  • Episode 233: David Dobrik's Return To YouTube - This episode features David Dobrik, a popular YouTuber who took a break from the platform due to controversy. The boys discuss his return and what it means for the YouTube community.

  • Episode 224: WWE Champion Drew McIntyre - This episode features Drew McIntyre, a WWE Champion who talks about his career in wrestling and his thoughts on the industry. The boys also discuss their favorite WWE moments and wrestlers.

These are just a few of the many hilarious episodes of Impaulsive. With its interesting guests and entertaining hosts, there's no shortage of laughs on this podcast.

Impaulsive's Guest Stars

Funniest Impaulsive Episodes


The Impaulsive podcast has had a number of influencers as guest stars. These guests have included Logan Paul's brother Jake Paul, who has been on the show multiple times, as well as fellow YouTubers MrBeast and David Dobrik. Lana Rhoades, a popular adult film actress and influencer, also made an appearance on the show.


The podcast has also featured a number of athletes. Boxing has been a recurring theme on the show, with appearances from Conor McGregor, Tommy Fury, and Dillon Danis. The show has also had MMA fighters Nate Diaz and Yair Rodríguez on as guests. Footballers Erling Haaland and Kylian Mbappé have also made appearances, as well as former professional wrestler Edge.


Several musicians have also been guests on Impaulsive. Akon, Nicky Jam, Daddy Yankee, and Bad Bunny have all made appearances. Rapper Kendrick Lamar was also a guest on the show.


The podcast has featured a few actors as well, including Will Smith and David Blaine.


Other notable guests include Joe Rogan, Bear Grylls, and Kevin Hart. Andrew Schulz, a comedian and podcast host, has also been a guest on the show.

Overall, Impaulsive has had a diverse range of guest stars, with a mix of influencers, athletes, musicians, actors, and other notable figures.

Key Topics Discussed

Funniest Impaulsive Episodes

Personal Life

On Impaulsive, Logan Paul and his guests often discuss their personal lives. Logan has shared details about his own life, including his upbringing in Ohio, his family, and his experiences as a YouTuber. Other guests have opened up about their personal struggles with addiction, relationships, and more.


Logan and his guests frequently discuss their careers and how they got to where they are today. They talk about their successes and failures, and offer advice to listeners who may be trying to build their own careers in various industries.


Logan Paul has been involved in several controversies throughout his career, and these topics often come up on Impaulsive. Guests have discussed everything from Logan's infamous "suicide forest" video to his recent feud with fellow YouTuber KSI.

Pop Culture

Impaulsive often covers topics related to pop culture, including music, movies, and TV shows. Logan and his guests have discussed everything from Drake's latest album to the latest Marvel movie.


Logan is a former wrestler and has a passion for sports, so it's no surprise that sports topics often come up on Impaulsive. Guests have discussed everything from UFC fights to the latest news in the NFL.


Logan is also a musician and has released several singles and music videos. On Impaulsive, he and his guests often discuss music and the music industry. Guests have included rappers, producers, and other musicians.

Impaulsive has covered a wide range of topics, from personal stories to pop culture to sports and music. Whether you're a longtime fan of Logan Paul or just discovering the podcast, there's something for everyone on Impaulsive.


Funniest Impaulsive Episodes

In conclusion, IMPAULSIVE has produced many hilarious episodes that are worth watching. From the epic showdown between Logan and KSI to the revealing interview with Lele Pons, the podcast has covered a wide range of topics and guests.

The hosts, Logan Paul, Mike Majlak, and George Janko, have a great chemistry that makes for an entertaining listening experience. Their banter and jokes keep the audience engaged and laughing throughout the episodes.

Overall, IMPAULSIVE is a must-listen podcast for anyone who enjoys comedy and pop culture. With over 200 episodes and counting, there is no shortage of funny and interesting content to enjoy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Funniest Impaulsive Episodes

What are some of the funniest moments on Impaulsive?

Impaulsive is known for its hilarious moments. Some of the funniest moments include Logan Paul's prank calls, the hosts' reactions to outrageous stories, and the comedic banter between guests and hosts.

Which Impaulsive episode has the most laughs?

It's hard to pick just one episode, but some of the most laugh-out-loud episodes include "The Best Moments From 99 Episodes of Impaulsive - Bonus Episode," "Logan & Jake Paul Face Off, Address Steroid Accusations, Expose Dillon Danis," and "The Time Mr. Beast Almost Died - EP. 291."

What are some of the most hilarious guests on Impaulsive?

Impaulsive has had many hilarious guests, but some of the most notable include Steve-O, Chris D'Elia, and Jackass star Johnny Knoxville.

Who are the funniest hosts on Impaulsive?

All of the hosts on Impaulsive bring their own unique sense of humor to the show, but Logan Paul and Mike Maljak are often cited as the funniest.

What are some of the most popular Impaulsive episodes?

Some of the most popular episodes of Impaulsive include "KSI Returns to IMPAULSIVE," "The Time Mr. Beast Almost Died - EP. 291," and "Logan & Jake Paul Face Off, Address Steroid Accusations, Expose Dillon Danis."

Which Impaulsive episode had the best jokes and humor?

Humor is subjective, but some of the episodes that are known for their great jokes and humor include "The Best Moments From 99 Episodes of Impaulsive - Bonus Episode," "Logan & Jake Paul Face Off, Address Steroid Accusations, Expose Dillon Danis," and "KSI Returns to IMPAULSIVE."