Joe Rogan is a well-known personality who has made a name for himself in various fields, ranging from martial arts to comedy and podcasting. Given his diverse skillset, many people wonder about his educational background and whether he attended college. In this article, we will explore Joe Rogan’s educational journey and how it has contributed to his multifaceted career.

Despite his success, Joe Rogan’s educational background has been a topic of curiosity for many. With this in mind, we will take a closer look at his experiences in higher education, shedding light on the factors that have shaped his career path. Whether you’re a fan of his podcast or simply curious about his story, this article will provide valuable insights into the educational journey of Joe Rogan.

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The Early Years

Joe Rogan was born on August 11, 1967, in Newark, New Jersey. During his childhood, his family moved frequently, and he attended various schools in Massachusetts and Florida. Despite the constant changes, Joe was an active child who participated in various sports and activities.

A Passion for Martial Arts

Joe Rogan’s love for martial arts began when he was living in Massachusetts. At 14, he started practicing karate and later transitioned to Taekwondo. He showed immense dedication to the sport, earning a black belt and winning the US Open Taekwondo Championship at just 19 years old. His passion for martial arts extended to other disciplines such as kickboxing, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, and Muay Thai. His interest in these sports would play a significant role in his future career. He even went on to teach martial arts and became a notable figure in the Brazilian jiu-jitsu community, training under Eddie Bravo at 10th Planet Jiu-Jitsu.

Joe Rogan's Education: Did Joe Rogan Go to College?

Joe Rogan attended the University of Massachusetts Boston after graduating high school. He pursued a major in the arts but dropped out after three years. Joe Rogan’s decision to drop out was influenced by his lack of interest in formal education and his growing passion for comedy and entertainment. He did not complete his degree.

The Path to Stand-up Comedy

After leaving college, Joe Rogan was inspired by comedians such as Richard Pryor, Sam Kinison, and Bill Hicks. Their performances motivated him to pursue a career in stand-up comedy. In August 1988, Rogan performed his first stand-up gig in Boston, which marked the beginning of his successful stand-up career. Over the years, he performed across the country, released comedy specials, and even acted in popular television shows like NewsRadio. Rogan’s passion for comedy and his dedication to perfecting his craft have made him a well-known comedian and television presenter.

Stepping into the World of MMA

In 1997, Joe Rogan’s passion for martial arts led him to become a backstage interviewer for the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). He quickly moved up the ranks to become a color commentator, showcasing his knowledge and passion for the sport. As an integral part of the UFC’s broadcasting team, Rogan provides insightful analysis and commentary during fights. His experience in sports and as an announcer also made him the perfect host for the popular show Fear Factor.

The Joe Rogan Experience

In 2009, Joe Rogan launched “The Joe Rogan Experience,” a podcast that quickly became one of the most influential and popular podcasts globally. The podcast covers a wide range of topics, featuring guests from various fields such as science, sports, comedy, and politics. The podcast provides listeners with thought-provoking discussions and entertainment. Brian Redban, a comedian and producer, has been a regular guest on the JRE podcast.

How Joe Rogan's Education Shaped His Career

Joe Rogan’s college education may have been incomplete, but his life experiences played a significant role in shaping his multifaceted career. His passion for martial arts provided him with a unique perspective and knowledge that he could bring to his work as a UFC commentator. Additionally, his background in stand-up comedy gave him the ability to connect with audiences and convey information in an engaging and entertaining manner. Joe’s curiosity and willingness to learn from a diverse range of guests on his podcast demonstrate a continued thirst for knowledge and personal growth. This philosophy has helped him become a successful and respected figure in the entertainment industry.

Joe Rogan Education Level

Joe Rogan’s education level is that he attended college briefly but did not earn a degree. He dropped out of the University of Massachusetts Boston early in his academic journey and did not pursue higher education beyond that point. Despite lacking a formal college degree, he has achieved success in various fields, including comedy, podcasting, and MMA commentary.

Where Did Joe Rogan Go To High School?

Joe Rogan attended Newton South High School, from which he graduated in 1985. Newton South High School is located in Newton, Massachusetts.

Where Did Joe Rogan Go To College?

Joe Rogan briefly attended the University of Massachusetts Boston, Rogan found the experience pointless and dropped out early to pursue other interests and career paths. His journey eventually led him to become a well-known stand-up comedian, podcast host, and commentator for mixed martial arts events.

What Did Joe Rogan Study in College?

During his brief time at the University of Massachusetts Boston, Joe Rogan did not focus on a specific field of study or earn a degree. As mentioned earlier, he found his college experience to be unfulfilling and dropped out early to pursue other interests and career opportunities. His career ultimately took a different path, leading him to become a successful comedian, podcast host, and commentator in the world of mixed martial arts.

Does Joe Rogan Have A College Degree?

No, Joe Rogan does not have a college degree. He attended the University of Massachusetts Boston for a brief period but dropped out early, as he found it to be a pointless pursuit for his interests and career goals. Despite not having a college degree, he went on to have a successful career in various fields, including stand-up comedy, podcasting, and MMA commentary.


In conclusion, Joe Rogan’s education, or lack thereof, did not hinder his success in various fields. His experiences in martial arts, stand-up comedy, and podcasting have all contributed to the versatile personality he is today. While formal education may not be necessary for everyone, Rogan’s example shows that pursuing one’s passions and being open to learning from a range of sources can lead to success and fulfillment in life.