Joe Rogan Getting Mad

Joe Rogan is a legend in the world of Podcasting. The man is normally known for his chill, weed smoking demeanour. His podcast is rarely confrontational even when he is sometimes exploring tough topics with his guests.

However, when you are on the air for over 1800 episodes, with each being 2+ hours on average, there is bound to be some clips of you getting mad.

In the rest of this article, we will be exploring 5 clips we were able to find of Joe Rogan getting mad on his podcast.

Clip 1: Joe Rogan Getting Mad at Steven Crowder

In February of 2017, Joe Rogan invited conservative commentator and comedian Steven Crowder onto his podcast. The two started out by discussing cars and martial arts, but eventually the conversation turned to marijuana. Despite their differing opinions on the subject, the conversation remained cordial for a while. But things eventually became heated, and Joe became agitated with Crowder for interrupting him. At one point, he looked at Crowder and said, “Don’t interrupt me, you fuck.” Despite the disagreement, the two were able to continue the podcast and eventually make up. After the episode, Joe posted on Instagram expressing his regret and apologizing for the argument. He also appeared on Crowder’s show to make amends.

Clip 2: Joe Rogan Getting Mad at Eddie Bravo

Eddie Bravo and Joe Rogan have been friends for a long time. Eddie is a martial artist and prominent Flat Earther. Most of the time when Eddie brings up his conspiracy theories on the podcast, Joe just laughs along. Though in this 2017 appearance him and Eddie get into a heated debate over the Flat Earth theory. In this particular podcast Bravo began his patented conspiracy talk and a visibly urged Rogen attempted to repeatedly question Bravo about the reasoning for the total rejection of mainstream science. You know the conversation was really coming off the rails when even normally silent producer Jamie Vernon couldn’t help but get involved towards the end of the podcast in an attempt to call Eddie out for what he saw as BS.

Clip 3: Joe Rogan Getting Mad Adam Conover

Adam Conover and Rogan discuss the idea of trans athletes competing in sports. Conover maintains that we should be inclusive of trans athletes, while Joe argues that the biological difference can pose. The debate heats up further when the two get into the topic of transitioning children.

Clip 4: Joe Rogan Getting Mad at Brian Redban

Newcomers to the show might be familiar with producer Jamie Vernon aka “Young Jamie”, but before Jamie was Joe’s producer, the job was done by Brian Redban. Redban and Rogan would get into it a lot more than Joe and Jamie, as Redban seemed to treat Joe more as his friend on air than his boss. Here is an old clip from JRE Episode 15 where Joe can be seen getting mad at Redban for playing with his iPad when Joe is trying to converse with him

Clip 5: Joe Rogan Getting Mad at Brian Dunning

This is a weird one and is difficult to find in Rogan’s archives. But Brian Dunning, a skeptic, gets into it with Joe on whether Tower 7 was a controlled demolition or not. Brian Dunning was concerned that Joe was furthering 9/11 conspiracies, though Rogan maintained that we need to be able to at least question things.


Joe has done A LOT of podcasts, so though we were able to find 5 examples of him getting mad on air, these are the exception not the rule. Joe is typically an excellent conversationalist who is able to have conversations with a wide range of people, which is a rare talent.

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